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Michael and I tear up Boogie.  Then we tear him up some more.  Then we tear up Rondo.  Then we tear up AD.  I guess the Pelicans-Timberwolves game affected us strongly.  We talk about trades, and what the team should target, and then we look ahead at a very key stretch for the team.  If this team is better than a .500 squad, they will prove it over the next 2 months.

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Michael and I talk about the Pelicans and their missing identity at the end of games, including in those bad losses in New Orleans.  On the way, we talk about things that surprised us so far this season, I grumble about Rondo, and we give Moore some love.  We look ahead to next week, of course, and then talk Star Wars.



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Graham McQueen and Jake Madison go over some of the storylines surrounding the New Orleans Pelicans' offseason.

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Michael and I talk about the Bulls pre-season game - our favorite moments, our least favorite moments, marvel at Anthony Davis, and kill a few other guys.  We also talk about some more injuries.  Seriously.  MORE INJURIES.  Plus, A.d.i.d.a.s and C.R.E.A.M.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I continue our Eastern Conference Preview!  And yes, the Cavs are the top team.  That's right, I don't care about Spoilers!

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Michael and I get together and break down all the stuff that's happened since Gentry was hired!  Gordon picking up his option, staff joining Gentry's squad, Anderson making health vows, and, of course, the DRAFT coming up!  I love the draft.  Hope you do too!

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Expectations were shattered with the firing of Monty Williams this week.  Michael and I get together to talk about the timing of the firing, impacts it might have on AD and team acquisitions, and whether the way it was done indicates anything about Dell Demps' power in the organization.


Then we get into the good stuff.  Who replaces Monty?  We talk Thibs, Gentry, Hoiberg, Jeff Van Gundy, Coach Cal, and many, many more.  We make our picks, talk about who Dell might be looking at, and what we hope will happen.


Tim Floyd's name even comes up!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I recap the 2-1 week, dwell on Non-MVP Anthony Davis, enjoy Asik's game against DeMarcus Cousins, and then, somehow, both have different reasons why the Pelicans lost the Portland game - from Anderson being used incorrectly to Eric Gordon not being the answer to Quincy not getting enough burn.  Then we answer a bunch of your twitter questions, Michael tears up an ambush, and we predict the upcoming 5(!) games before the next podcast.  By the time you hear us again, folks, things will probably be decided.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I break down the 4-game win streak and what it means now that Jrue isn't playing.  We talk the uptick in Gordon's numbers, how Anthony is taking more shots now, and address the idea of Jrue going to the bench.  We also talk Nate Wolters, whether Gordon may play basketball as a Pelican for years to come, and if we think Dante and Quincy are the answer on the wing moving forward.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I talk the 3-2 stretch the Pelicans produced, including the injury in New York that made Michael McNamara think fetal positions are good, the hugely entertaining triple OT game in Chicago, and the horrible, horrible San Antonio game.

We also spend a lot of time talking about Aminu, rotations, last minute play calls, Tyreke, and the impacts of Anthony Davis.  Plus, I propose a trade you won't want to miss!  Really!

Enjoy the podcast!

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Gerry V joins Michael and I to bring his coaches eye to what we've seen this off-season.  We ask him about all the usual suspects, if center is going to be a insupperable hole, Rivers or Roberts, Tyreke on or off the ball, and Jrue Holiday running the point.  Then Michael and I talk about the upcoming game against the Pacers, I predict the Pelicans will have a sixth man winner, and Michael and I handicap the Executive of the Year award and if Dell may be in the conversation.

Are you ready for some Basketball?

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In this, the first of a three part season Moratorium, Ryan and Michael wrap up the last week of games, talk CP3 and Anthony Davis's sprained MCL, take calls about AD playing center and Eric Gordon taking more jumpshots, and then bring on Hornets247 writers James Grayson and Chris Trew to talk trade values and the Rebrand.

Part two rolls out Tuesday, but today's podcast is special.  Because it's yours.

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In this show Michael and I spend long minutes dwelling on the short minutes a lot of the best Hornets players have been getting recently.  Is winning a priority for this team?  Then we take some listener's calls and end up talking a lot of Vasquez, including going through the list of Point Guards in this league and listing all the point guards we would take over Vasquez.

Then we talk Nuggets and Wolves.

Sound off and let us know what you think! 504-322-3333.

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With a good eight members of the fourteen lottery slots in this comnig draft likely to be filled by players from Kentucky and UNC, Michael arranged for bloggers covering those teams to come on and walk us through each of those potential lottery picks and their strengths and weaknesses.

Our first guest is Glenn Logan of, who adresses all our questions about the unibrow, Kidd-Gilchrist, Terrance Jones and Marquis Teague

Our second guest is Brian Barbour of, who answers questions about Harrison Barnes, Tyler Zeller, John Henson and Kendall Marshall.

It's a monster blog.  Hope you enjoy it!

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Ryan and Michael talk about the CBA, which players are most likely to go, which will stay, and spend a bunch of time on David West and his ability to opt out.

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In today's Podcast, Michael and Ryan talk about last week, the upcoming week, Ryan throws out some fancy advanced stats, and Michel wishes he was as cool as Ryan and also armed with advanced stats.

Really.  That's exactly how it went down.  Listen if you don't believe me.

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On today's super-special Podcast episode, we bring on ESPN Truehoop Founder Henry Abbott to talk about all kinds of things.  In fact, the podcast goes on for an hour and a half, but it's pretty fantastic.

Anyways, we talk about Contraction threats and if they have teeth, commiserate with Henry about Brandon Roy and see if there's anything to learn there when it comes to extending Paul.  We then move on to talk about "love of the game", the Sloan Conference, McNamara loses again when he tries to refute stats and rely on the Eye test, and lastly, we talk about how the Western Conference will shake out and which teams are dangerous.  McNamara is wrong there too.  It's a fun an intelligent conversation, mostly because there's much less of me.

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You'll have to listen to the podcast to get the title reference.  We talk about the games leading up to the All-Star Break, the All-Star weekend itself, the Jack DUI, Stern on the viability of New Orleans as a Market, and look forward to the games that are happening this week.

That's right, there are games happening, people!  Games!



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In this clipping from the Podcast we recorded Monday night, we talk about trades!  Trade rumors, trade needs, etc.  If you don't like trades, you won't like this podcast.  Enjoy.

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Okay, maybe it's not all CP3 and his bad knee, but it's a good portion of the podcast.  We also talk about the upcoming Portland game, Hack a Howard, and the All-Star game.  Sorry it's a day late!  Enjoy!

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Sporting a brand new intro we hope you like, the Podcast returns and Michael talk about the past week and surprisingly feel pretty good about it.  Then they talk about the upcoming games, and surprisingly feel pretty good about that too.  So we hope you're feeling pretty good as well.

Let us know what you think about the Intro!  Sorry about the picture.  Sometimes the muse fails and Star Wars must take it's place.


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Michael and Ryan record this podcast while watching the Hornets-Sun 4th quarter live.  Load up your DVR and watch along.  Or, if you don't have it on tape, feel free to skip to the next episode, which will be like our usual ones.

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Ryan and Michael revisit their pre-season predictions and make new ones.  They also look over the Western Conference and talk about playoff matchups.

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In the NO: The Return of the King and the Debut of the Queen

Michael McNamara and Sarah Lorwa take a look at the Hornets up and dow week, reader questions, and grown men wearing jerseys.

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The Hornets just keep winning.

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In this episode Ryan Schwan and Michael McNamara unveil the Numbers game, talk the guard rotation, speculate on a Peja/Thornton trade, and weigh in on whether they think the Hornets are of championship quality right now.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roullez!

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