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Ryan and Michael elaborate on their season previews.  You'll probably hate my pessimism.  Michael tries to set me straight though.

Fools.  i cannot be swayed!

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Ryan and Michael bring on Breene Murphy of the ClipperBlog and Zach Harper of ESPN's Daily Dime Live and to talk about the assets the Hornets got in the Chris Paul Trade.

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And I feel fine. So does Michael.  Do you?  Ryan and Michael talk the trade that wasn't, the trade that was, the moves that could be, and the future chance at greatness for the team.  They also talk about David West leaving, and some of the more inflammatory comments he made once he arrived in Indiana.  Michael Cries.  Or does he?  You should listen to find out.

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Yeah.  Michael tries to talk about boring crap like TJ Ford and Chuck Hayes, but I put his nose to the grindstone and get talking about when the Hornets trade Chris Paul and what sort of surprise package we can expect for him.  I'm hoping for a Lego Castle set.

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The guys talk about Chris Paul, whether he'll stay or go - and what to try to get for him if he goes.  Oh, and we try to apportion blame for the fact the Hornets have had a megastar for 7 years, and have generally failed to contend.

I blame McNamara.

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After having dismissed half the Hornets Free Agents back to the obscurity of the open market, Ryan and Michael McNamara express their hopes for free agency.  Or distaste.  En route, they give you what they'd like to see on the team if Paul is around - and what they'd like to see if Paul walks out that door.

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Jason Calmes hosts as Ryan and Michael play competing Hornets GMs, deciding which of the Hornets own free agents they would extend an offer to and which they would send packing.  Will either of them give David West some love?

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Ryan, Jason and Michael talk about ownership issues, profitability, and other issues that impact the Hornets staying in New Orleans.  It's odd how good the Hornets seem to look despite all their "issues".

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The guys return for the 2011-2012 season as the CBA is tentatively agreed on.  Ryan, Michael and special guest Jason Calmes sink their teeth into the CBA, talk about how it impacts the boys in Creole Blue and the rest of the league.  Also, prepare to be disgusted by Michael.  Like usual.

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Ryan and Michael put together the off-seasons that each want to see from the Hornets, trading, signing, and each attempting to improve the team.  Bask in their mad GM skills - - or mock them.  Either works for us.


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In a few weeks - or possibly a year if the CBA negotiations suck as hard as we expect it too, there will be teams offering David West the sun, the moon, the stars, and to be his baby momma if he so desires.  Tonight, we talk with Jared Wade of the Truehoop Network's Pacers Blog 8 points, 9 seconds, as the Pacers are one of a small set of teams that aren't likely to be terrible next year, need a power forward, and have money to throw at Fluffy.

We'll also catch up about James Posey and some cat named Collison.


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In the third and final part of the Podcast recorded on the 20th, Michael and Ryan talk draft, draft, draft.  Oh, and trades.  And some draft.  And some draft-related trades.  And some trade-related drafting.

I love the draft.

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Ryan and Michael talk about the CBA, which players are most likely to go, which will stay, and spend a bunch of time on David West and his ability to opt out.

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In part 1 of the June 20th Podcast, Michael McNamara espouses a pet theory, the guys talk about LeBron and the playoffs, and discuss in general what might actually be Parity in the NBA.  For those who spend a lot of money.

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Ryan and Michael talk about the roster, what players should or shouldn't stick around, how to handle West and Landry, express their hopes for the team, and Ryan goes all downer and almost makes Michael want to cry.



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In part 1 of their Season Review Podcast, Michael and Ryan talk the last two games of the series and then review the players play over the course of the season, discuss their futures with the team, and break out the red ink to give grades to each of them.

You will enjoy this episode, or we'll give you an "F".

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Michael and Ryan talk about how wonky this first round matchup has been.  Freakishly, Awesomely Wonky.  We also play "Exposed, Acceptable."

Enjoy the Podcast, hopefully as much as you enjoyed game 4.

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In a special edition of the In the NO Podcast, Ryan and Michael are joined by Andy Kamenetsky of the Land O Lakers blog at ESPNLA.  Andy answers questions about Gasol, the Lakers bench, Trevor Ariza, and how confident the Lakers fans are that they will still win this series.  Good times.


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Michael and Ryan dissect the Hornets win over the Lakers in Los Angeles.  They are probably smug, insufferable, and you really want to listen and feel good about your team.


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In a special In the NO podcast, the guys are joined by special guest Scott Carter-Eldred, the Grand Prize winner from the Hornets247 Donation's Drive.  He proves to be fun, exciting, and completely and totally wrong about one thing, but it brings down a champ!  Collusion!

As usual, we talk about the week that was, the week that is coming, the playoff seeding, Quincy Pondexter, the David West contract situation, and who the Hornets should target this off-season.

Lots of good stuff.  Enjoy!

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In today's Podcast, Michael and Ryan talk about last week, the upcoming week, Ryan throws out some fancy advanced stats, and Michel wishes he was as cool as Ryan and also armed with advanced stats.

Really.  That's exactly how it went down.  Listen if you don't believe me.

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Michael and Ryan talk about the wild last week, they myriad of impacts caused by David West's injury, take questions via twitter, and then preview the week ahead.



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I mean . . . our Destiny . . .

Ryan and Michael talk about the games we saw, predict the games we'll see, talk prizes from the Donation Drive, and answer a reader's question sent to us via Twitter.  Go Tweeps, send us more!



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In the Silver Anniversary Episode of "In the NO" Ryan and Michael talk about a pretty exciting week of Hornets basketball, take some questions via Twitter about the Hornets, thank  those of you who have donated, (Thanks!) and then talk about the week ahead while speculating on Playoff seeding.

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On today's super-special Podcast episode, we bring on ESPN Truehoop Founder Henry Abbott to talk about all kinds of things.  In fact, the podcast goes on for an hour and a half, but it's pretty fantastic.

Anyways, we talk about Contraction threats and if they have teeth, commiserate with Henry about Brandon Roy and see if there's anything to learn there when it comes to extending Paul.  We then move on to talk about "love of the game", the Sloan Conference, McNamara loses again when he tries to refute stats and rely on the Eye test, and lastly, we talk about how the Western Conference will shake out and which teams are dangerous.  McNamara is wrong there too.  It's a fun an intelligent conversation, mostly because there's much less of me.

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Ryan and Michael break down the 2-2 mini-rollercoaster week, talk about Paul's injury against Cleveland, and then look ahead to the three games coming up.  Enjoy!

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In part two of the Podcast recorded Sunday Night, we talk about the three games from last week, the four upcoming games this week, and talk about the New York, New Jersey, Denver threesome and the bar vulture that is Utah.

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In Part 1 of the Podcast, Michael and Ryan talk about the Thornton-Landry trade and then break down all the other trades that hit the Western Conference and what they mean for the Hornets.  Enjoy!

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You'll have to listen to the podcast to get the title reference.  We talk about the games leading up to the All-Star Break, the All-Star weekend itself, the Jack DUI, Stern on the viability of New Orleans as a Market, and look forward to the games that are happening this week.

That's right, there are games happening, people!  Games!



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In this clipping from the Podcast we recorded Monday night, we talk about trades!  Trade rumors, trade needs, etc.  If you don't like trades, you won't like this podcast.  Enjoy.

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Okay, maybe it's not all CP3 and his bad knee, but it's a good portion of the podcast.  We also talk about the upcoming Portland game, Hack a Howard, and the All-Star game.  Sorry it's a day late!  Enjoy!

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Sporting a brand new intro we hope you like, the Podcast returns and Michael talk about the past week and surprisingly feel pretty good about it.  Then they talk about the upcoming games, and surprisingly feel pretty good about that too.  So we hope you're feeling pretty good as well.

Let us know what you think about the Intro!  Sorry about the picture.  Sometimes the muse fails and Star Wars must take it's place.


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Michael and Ryan talk about the past week, Thornton (as usual), worry about the second run turning into a second slide, and look ahead to a couple tough games up ahead.  Runtime is about 25 minutes.

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Michael and Ryan record this podcast while watching the Hornets-Sun 4th quarter live.  Load up your DVR and watch along.  Or, if you don't have it on tape, feel free to skip to the next episode, which will be like our usual ones.

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Ryan and Michael talk about the 8-0 streak, Emeka Okafor and whether he's worthy of an All-Star nod, what weaknesses we do still see for this team, plus Ryan talks about D&D and find out that Michael would rather fight a Grizzly Bear than an Ostrich. Yes, Michael may be an idiot.


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Ryan and Michael revisit their pre-season predictions and make new ones.  They also look over the Western Conference and talk about playoff matchups.

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