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In Part 1 of the Podcast, Michael and Ryan talk about the Thornton-Landry trade and then break down all the other trades that hit the Western Conference and what they mean for the Hornets.  Enjoy!

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You'll have to listen to the podcast to get the title reference.  We talk about the games leading up to the All-Star Break, the All-Star weekend itself, the Jack DUI, Stern on the viability of New Orleans as a Market, and look forward to the games that are happening this week.

That's right, there are games happening, people!  Games!



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In this clipping from the Podcast we recorded Monday night, we talk about trades!  Trade rumors, trade needs, etc.  If you don't like trades, you won't like this podcast.  Enjoy.

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Okay, maybe it's not all CP3 and his bad knee, but it's a good portion of the podcast.  We also talk about the upcoming Portland game, Hack a Howard, and the All-Star game.  Sorry it's a day late!  Enjoy!

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Sporting a brand new intro we hope you like, the Podcast returns and Michael talk about the past week and surprisingly feel pretty good about it.  Then they talk about the upcoming games, and surprisingly feel pretty good about that too.  So we hope you're feeling pretty good as well.

Let us know what you think about the Intro!  Sorry about the picture.  Sometimes the muse fails and Star Wars must take it's place.


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Michael and Ryan talk about the past week, Thornton (as usual), worry about the second run turning into a second slide, and look ahead to a couple tough games up ahead.  Runtime is about 25 minutes.

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