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Ryan and Michael elaborate on their season previews.  You'll probably hate my pessimism.  Michael tries to set me straight though.

Fools.  i cannot be swayed!

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Ryan and Michael bring on Breene Murphy of the ClipperBlog and Zach Harper of ESPN's Daily Dime Live and to talk about the assets the Hornets got in the Chris Paul Trade.

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And I feel fine. So does Michael.  Do you?  Ryan and Michael talk the trade that wasn't, the trade that was, the moves that could be, and the future chance at greatness for the team.  They also talk about David West leaving, and some of the more inflammatory comments he made once he arrived in Indiana.  Michael Cries.  Or does he?  You should listen to find out.

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Yeah.  Michael tries to talk about boring crap like TJ Ford and Chuck Hayes, but I put his nose to the grindstone and get talking about when the Hornets trade Chris Paul and what sort of surprise package we can expect for him.  I'm hoping for a Lego Castle set.

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The guys talk about Chris Paul, whether he'll stay or go - and what to try to get for him if he goes.  Oh, and we try to apportion blame for the fact the Hornets have had a megastar for 7 years, and have generally failed to contend.

I blame McNamara.

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After having dismissed half the Hornets Free Agents back to the obscurity of the open market, Ryan and Michael McNamara express their hopes for free agency.  Or distaste.  En route, they give you what they'd like to see on the team if Paul is around - and what they'd like to see if Paul walks out that door.

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