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Michael and I talk about Grievis Vasquez, Austin Rivers, the Weather, Dungeons and Dragons . . . aw, who am I kidding?  We talk Eric Gordon!  And recap the other games and preview the next two.

Eric Gordon!

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Michael and I talk the last two games, including that horrible Pacers collapse, we address whether we feel Anthony Davis is a top 50 player today, address a few of Michael's Trade ideas, talk Demarcus Cousins, Eric Gordon and the dreaded Microfracture Surgery rumors, and then preview the upcoming week's games.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Michael and I recap the last two games, and now that Anthony Davis is playing, we get to start talking about Anthony Davis and what he's doing right and wrong on the court.  Yay!  Then we address the trademarked alter-Pelican names, Eric Gordon, whether this team will be any good when Gordon starts playing, and then Preview Spurs-Pacers this weekend.

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Michael and I spend a lot of time talking about Vasquez, his game, his numbers, and his possible impact on Austin Rivers development going forward.  Then Michael calls out Anthony Davis, we take turns calling out every player on this team that spends time at small forward, trash the team's defense, and stare dreamily at Ryan Anderson.

I'm growing a beard to be just like him.  Except fat.  And not 6'9".  Or able to shoot.  Or rich.  But other than that, exactly like him.

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Michael and I recap the last two games and then get right to your calls about trades!  December 15th is the day many players will become trade eligible, and we look at various offers and proposals, make our own, and generally talk about what sort of teams the Hornets should be targeting to make trades.  Gordon, Aminu, Vasquez, Lopez - they are all on the table.

Oh, and I apologize to Brian Roberts.

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Michael and I review the last two games, answer some of your questions sent in on our new hotline, and then preview the Wizards and Thunder. (again)  Oh, and Anthony Davis is coming back this week!

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Michael and I talk about the Pelicans, Austin Rivers, drool over Brandon Jennings, review the Bucks and Lakers games and preview the Grizzlies and Heat.

If you want to sound off, give us a call!  We may use it in our next podcast!  504-322-3333.

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Gerry V joins Michael and I to give incisive analysis on this team.  He touches on Amin, Lopez, Vasquez, Rivers, Roberts and Anderson, as well as addressesing the team weaknesses, why the Hornets struggle to rebound the ball, and gives advice as to what to watch for as this team tries to learn and grow.

Then, Michael and I talk the Jazz and Thunder games, preview the Bucks and Lakers, and I Stats Ambush Michael with a set of advanced stats - who is the the least impactful player this season?  Most impactful?  Who impacts the Hornets shooting the most?  The answers will surprise you.

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Jason Smith joins us for the 100th In the NO Podcast to talk about how he developed his game, his relationship with the coaches. a solution to him getting smacked in the face all the time, and I try twice to get him to toss Monty Williams under the bus.

Then we talk beating the Clippers.

Thank all of you for all your support.  100 episodes.  Who would have thought?

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Royce Young of the DailyThunder ESPN Truehoop blog joins us to talk about how the Thunder built themselves a contender on the back of draft picks and young players.  Then the guys talk about what they've seen over the last four games, worry about Anthony Davis - and then preview the Clippers and Jazz.

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Michael Schwartz of the Valley of the Suns blog and joins us to talk about Eric Gordon and his team going into the game between Phoenix and New Orleans on Friday.  His offer for Gordon was really good.  If we could actually trade him to them.


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Michael and I break down the OKC and Milwaukee games, lament the horrible turnover and perimeter shooting issues, address the rage directed at Austin Rivers, and then preview the games against New York and the Indiana Pacers.  That's a pair of teams that look very different this year.

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Michael and I are joined by Jeremy Schmidt of Bucksketball to talk about the 5-2 Milwaukee squad the Hornets play against Saturday which also has a pair of guards Hornets fans may be eyeballing for their own squad.  Then we break down the Houston Game, Michael tries to call me out, We actually somehow get into an argument about the importance of that inane Matt Carroll - Hakim Warrick Trade, and then we preview the Thunder.

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Michael and I are joined for the first part of the podcast by Larry Coon, CBA Master and writer for  He talks about what options the Hornets have for retaining Al-Farouq Aminu, whether the Hornets can Nick Collision-ise Jason Smith, and weighs in on Eric Gordon's situation.

Then the two of us tackle what we saw in the Charlotte game, talk Davis, Anderson and Brian Roberts, and preview the upcoming battle in Houston. 

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Michael and I come at you from the closing minutes of the Philly game.   We talk about what we saw in that game, talk about the news that Eric Gordon is going to LA to ahem . . . rehab, and then preview the Charlote Game.  We even begin speculating on what Eric Gordon is worth on the trade market!  Trade talk!  Yay?

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Michael and I are joined for the first part of the podcast by the excellent Gerry V, who breaks down what he saw from Vasquez, Rivers, Davis, Smith, Lopez and Aminu for us.  Michael and I then continue to review the week, talk all about Eric Gordon, and then preview the upcoming game.

It's been a great first week.  Re-live it!

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Michael and I are joined by Graydon Gordian of 48 minutes of Hell to talk about the Season Opener and what to expect from the Spurs in the future and for this game.  Great way to start the day - preparing for tonight!

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Michael and I continue our journey through the Western Conference in an effort to place the Hornets appropriately amongst their peers.  We do Utah, Dallas, Denver, Memphis, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, and the Thunder.   One of the teams we expect to bottom out this year.  Two of them seem slated to fight to join San Antonio, OKC and the Lakers at the top.  Which one is it?

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After a week in DisneyWorld, I join Michael to cover the last couple games of the pre-season, and then tackle a huge slate of items:  Poor guard play, Picking up options on Xavier Henry and Aminu,  Loving Ryan Anderson, arguing about whether Aminu is an NBA player in three years, Loving Ryan Anderson.  We talk about Gordon and Rivers doing full-contact practice drills, then we Love Ryan Anderson, and then preview the games coming up this week.

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Michael and I talk about this weeks three games, whether Vasquez is at risk to lose his starting gig, and pretty much come up with the list of players who have probably already played themselves out of the rotation.

We then preview the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns for you and last, engage in some future speculation about players the Hornets may want to pursue.

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Michael and I talk about what we saw in the Hornets first pre-season game - what mattered, what didn't, and was that a hook shot from Robin Lopez or a MLB pitch at the rim?  Then we chat about Ayon and the guy who didn't play a minute for the Hornets.  No, not Hakim Warrick!  Eric Gordon.

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Michael and I are joined by former Hornet and current member of the Hornets Broadcast booth David Wesley!  We get to talk to him about adapting to the broadcasting booth, whether veteran mentors are really veteran mentors, what should Austin Rivers be doing to transition to point guard like Wesley did, push him into trying to pick a starting five today, and generally have a great conversation.  Don't miss this one!

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Michael and I talk about what each of us feel is the biggest question we want to see answered this upcoming season.  Then, we continue our march through the Western Conference, evaluating the Portland Trailblazers and Minnesota Timberwolves in the upcoming playoff chase.

We close with news around the NBA.  It's good to have basketball back!

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With less than two weeks until training camp, Michael and I return to talk NBA Rank at and the stark drop off between the Hornets Top Trio and the rest of the guys - as well as talk about whether we think the guys were judged fairly or unfairly.

Welcome back to In the NO!

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Michael and I are joined by Bradford Doolittle of the Basketball Prospectus and Over the past month, Brad has written several articles (like this one) analyzing the Hornets, and we thought he'd be a great guest to talk about projections for the future.

Oh, and his system is down on Austin Rivers.  So Michael and I can glare and grizzle over that a bit more. Good times!

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Michael and I are joined by none other than Henry Abbott of Truehoop to talk about HoopIdea,  Flopping and CP3, Boring Free Throws, Competitive balance, big Markets, Small Markets, and Markets that go "Wee Wee Wee" all the way home.

Oh, then we talk the Monty Extension, the Demps extension(?) and Brian Roberts. 

Please visit our sponsor, audible at and download your free audiobook today!

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Special Guest Gerry V swings by to talk Hornets with Michael and I.  We address the point guard position - what is a point guard - what position Anthony Davis plays, expectations and timelines for the team, and Gerry talks coaching philosphies.

It's a good one folks, have a listen!

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In this episode Michael and I welcome Roger Mason to the team, talk about what we expect from him, and how worried we are about the Hornets wing players.  Oh, and then we talk Dell Demps and Monty Williams.  Should the Hornets extend them, and at what price?

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In this episode, we talk about the Robin Lopez and Hakim Warrick acquisition, what that means for starting line-ups and Anthony Davis.  Oh, and I was poetic about the beauty that is Ryan Anderson.

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Sorry the podcast was late!  I would blame Star Wars: The Old Republic, but that would be lame of me.

Hope you enjoy the podcast!  We recorded it Sunday night, so no discussion of the off-on Lopez trade.  That will come this Sunday.  Instead, we talk about the moves Demps did, and wonder if we could have improved on them.

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Not a lot of basketball being played by Hornets players right now, but Michael and I spend the podcast pouring over the western conference in the wake of a busy Free Agency and answering two questions:

  • Are they better than the Hornets now?
  • Are they someone to worry about in three years?

Tune in, then rank the teams yourself!

Oh, and this week is a two parter!  Come back Thursday morning for more Hornets coverage!

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Davis takes the court for Team USA, Gordon comes back for the Max, and Austin Rivers tries his hand as a point guard for the first time.  Lots to talk about.

HOWEVER!  If you like this podcast, please, please go to this link and do a favor.  Fill out the survey so we can get ourselves a podcast sponsor and bring even more of the coverage you all enjoy.

So, Go!


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Some momentous events this week as Al-Farouq Aminu led Nigeria to the Olympics!  Oh, and the Hornets sign and traded for some quasi-all-star Ryan Anderson.  And Eric Gordon said things that made people mad.

Really mad.

We talk about it all!

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Free Agency started today and Michael and I talk Eric Gordon, the trade rumors around him, and then address all the other potential free agents that are floating out around there.  Plus . . . Batum?!?  For that much?  Really?

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D(avis) Day is here!  Michael and I recap the draft, argue about Austin Rivers for entirely too much time, talk about Darius Miller, and then try to figure out what this draft means for players like Belinelli, Aminu and Henry, and debate the potency of the Hornets backcourt.

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Michael and I present to you our Big Boards - the prospects as we see them - and fully expect mountains of vitriol to be heaped upon us.  You hear us Lillardians?  We are not afraid of you!!!

We close with a few potential trades that seem to be out there (Deng or Noah or Houston's picks) and give some thoughts on the the type of free agents we'd like to see brought in based on players taken in the draft at 10.

3 more days!

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Michael and I talk about the big trade that sent Okafor and Ariza to the Wizards and what it means for the Hornets, short and long term, and if it impacts their draft at all.

Exciting times in the NO.

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Michael and I talk about trades involving the tenth pick.   What we want in return for it, what picks we could get for players like J-Smitty and Ayon, and what sort of players will be available later in the first round.  

8 Days until the draft!

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Michael and I are joined by Mike Schmitz of and ESPN Truehoop's Valley of the Suns to talk about the prospects the Hornets could be picking at number 10.  if you haven't seen his work - go check it out.

Then, afterwards, we discuss Michael's suggestion of CP3 returning - who to try and cherry pick from the Thunder, and then Michael starts a new game, "What scares you most!?"  It may be as lame as you think it is.

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Michael and I talk about how the front office won't say they are taking Anthony Davis - and then we talk about all the people they could possibly take at 10.  Michael gets heated about Kendall Marshall and Austin Rivers, and I still have a man-crush on Sullinger but have a a few other guys I wouldn't mind seeing in creole blue.

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Michael and I react giddily to the news the Hornets won the first pick of the NBA Draft and the rights to draft Anthony Davis out of Kentucky.  He's a Gamechanger, folks.  We talk all kinds of impacts.

New Owners, New Star, possible new Name.  Pack the hive and show the rest of the NBA how its done.  525-hoop.  I'm betting those season tickets are going fast.

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Ryan and Michael talk Eric Gordon.  Lots of Eric Gordon.  They talk his trade value, his injury history and what it might mean, they trade him, they don't trade him, he signs for millions or just the qualifying offer.  They try to predict where he'll be next year.  If Eric Gordon is on your mind, this is the place to be.

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Special Guest David Thorpe - NBA trainer, coach, and writer from - joins Michael and I to talk the young players on this team - what they need to do to grow, what they should and can focus on, and talks other young guys in the draft.  He also seems to proscribe a trip to France to lose weight and weighs in on Eric Gordon.

This one is a good one guys.

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With a good eight members of the fourteen lottery slots in this comnig draft likely to be filled by players from Kentucky and UNC, Michael arranged for bloggers covering those teams to come on and walk us through each of those potential lottery picks and their strengths and weaknesses.

Our first guest is Glenn Logan of, who adresses all our questions about the unibrow, Kidd-Gilchrist, Terrance Jones and Marquis Teague

Our second guest is Brian Barbour of, who answers questions about Harrison Barnes, Tyler Zeller, John Henson and Kendall Marshall.

It's a monster blog.  Hope you enjoy it!

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Michael and I record a two-part podcast for your listening pleasure.

In part 2, we roleplay.  Michael is Dell Demps, I am Monty Williams.  We decide which players should go and which should stay after talking about each of the players in depth.

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Michael and I record a two-part podcast for your listening pleasure.

In part 1, we talk the end of the season, lottery odds, Point-Counterpoint about Eric Gordon playing in the Olympics, and because we can't stop ourselves, a little about the players in the draft.

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Michael and I talk about the week that was, reminisce about one of the worst basketball games they've ever seen, and then Michael brings up just how often players drafted by their own team get a second contract from that team.  The answer will surprise you.  I know I was.

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After taking a week off for Easter, Michael and I have the bizarre experience of reviewing a record of 5-2 for the team?  Freakish - and alarming!  We also talk Aminu's improvement, Ayon's regression, Gordon's contract, Ariza's benching, and Monty Williams calling Marco a Beast and "Everything he wants this team to be."  Wow.

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Okay, Michael and I don't actually spend the entire show talking about Anthony Davis and his mystical unibrow, but we do have a really hard time not bringing him up as we talk about the current cieling for the Hornets roster, me getting lambasted for the Giving everything and losing article, Eric Gordon, the Golden State Win, being Dell Demps, etc, etc.

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Michael and I talk Jason Smith and his suspension, CP3's homecoming, point out just how bad the starting line-up the Hornets trotted out against San Antonio, play a little game of "Who will be on the roster on opening night 2013", and THEN talk about the draft as the March Madness tournament resolves itself and Michael lets you in on a rumor he's heard about why Jared Sullinger's stock may be falling.  I listen in disbelief.  

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Ryan and Michael talk about the disappointments and impact to the league by the trade deadline, Jason Calmes joins the guys to talk about the new Lease proposal working it's way through the legislature, and Michael McNamara just can't abide winning.  Stupid New Jersey Nets and Deron Williams.  Will sourpuss Deron ever stop being a thorn in our side?

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Ryan and Michael spend a good bit of time talking about Rubio's injury and what impact it may have on the league standings the Hornets' second first-rounder.  Then, they talk Kaman's value to the team, predict which games may be wins during this week's slate of games against patsies, and make a prediction for results of the trade deadline.

Oh, and as for the picture - sometimes my inspiration fails me.  So this time, I turned to cute wolf puppies.  Aren't they soooo cute?

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Part II of the trade extravaganza.

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Michael and I are joined by James Grayson to talk about Trades!  We take your trades, our trades, and the national media's trades and talk them up.  In this first part of the Trade Extravanganza, we address a silly trade or two, talk about some of the trades put forth by the national media, and then move on to trades proposed by you or us.

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Michael and I talk about the strong showing by this team, talk about ownership and the announcement made by David Stern this weekend, and talk about how they really feel about finding 'the point guard of the future.'

Last, we ask you for your trade ideas for the next week podcasts.  It'll be a Trade Extravaganza!  Mail them to (or 

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We invite NBC Sports ProBasketballTalk writer and CavsTheBlog founder John Krolik on to talk about the Cavs and what they went through last year and what he did to help the Cavs win the lottery.

Then, Michael and I play "Starter Quality or Not" with Gustavo Ayon, Vasquez, Aminu, and Xavier Henry and then talk about trading Draft Picks we haven't even been assigned yet.  Speculation rules.

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Hornets' President Hugh Weber joins Ryan Schwan and Jason Calmes on the In the NO Podcast, addressing topics in the following order:

  • Attendance and the I'm In campaign
  • Timetable for Ownership and a new Lease Agreement (The want ownership and Gordon back for renewal drive)
  • Primary Hornets' considerations for the new TV Deal
  • Engaging Local Businesses and the difference between our business owners and other cities.
  • The mass House Cleaning two summers ago - what was the impetus?
  • Difference between having the NBA as an owner and having a traditional owner.
  • What happened with that Lakers trade?
  • New Media, twitter, Brad Pitt as GM, Moneyball and trading for Dwight Howard.

I want to thank Hugh for his time, and you should take the time to listen.

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Michael and I talk about the Hornets and their losing ways, Gustavo Ayon, Ariza playing too damn much, and then are joined by Jason Calmes as Michael rants about life, liberty, and the pursuit of flying basketball players.

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Michael and I talk about Kaman returning to the team, (NOOOOO!!) How many of our starters would make  good eighth, seventh, or even sixth men on a decent squad, and then review Dealer Dell's trades (Bayless, Thornton, Aminu, Collison) and see if there are any lingering regrets.

Then, in the biggest shocker of the month, Michael predicts a win for the Hornets.  Crazy cat.

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Michael and I share a precious moment anniversary as we work through our fiftieth podcast about the Hornets.  We talk about the Gordon extension that wasn't, the Kaman trade that is to be, and each make 3 bold, bold, BOLD predictions about this team involving Aminu, Ariza, Anthony Davis, and the Tumblewolves.

Oh, and Gustavo Ayon rocks.

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Michael and I talk rotations, I get foul-mouthed about Jack, though probably not in the way you are expecting, we make a wager, and Michael shills for a sponsor in the most pathetic way possible.

I am much to dignified to do something like that.  Now, excuse me while I eat some Tostitos corn chips.  They are soooo yummy.

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Michael and I talk about the week of games, the week to come, more draft, and more thinking towards the future.  Oh, and I fail to ambush Michael not once, as "Mikestrodamus" proves unflappable.  Whatever.

Next time I'll ask him about Star Trek.  Dude probably doesn't know the difference between a Betazoid and a Bajoran.  Loser.

Direct download: Jan162012_Podcast.mp3
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Ryan and Michael discuss the first two weeks of the season, what we like, what we don't like.  Inevitably, talk turns to the future, a little about the draft, and where they think the Timberwolves will finish the season.  Playoffs or not?  Listen, and give us your thoughts!

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