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Michael and I share a precious moment anniversary as we work through our fiftieth podcast about the Hornets.  We talk about the Gordon extension that wasn't, the Kaman trade that is to be, and each make 3 bold, bold, BOLD predictions about this team involving Aminu, Ariza, Anthony Davis, and the Tumblewolves.

Oh, and Gustavo Ayon rocks.

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Michael and I talk rotations, I get foul-mouthed about Jack, though probably not in the way you are expecting, we make a wager, and Michael shills for a sponsor in the most pathetic way possible.

I am much to dignified to do something like that.  Now, excuse me while I eat some Tostitos corn chips.  They are soooo yummy.

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Michael and I talk about the week of games, the week to come, more draft, and more thinking towards the future.  Oh, and I fail to ambush Michael not once, as "Mikestrodamus" proves unflappable.  Whatever.

Next time I'll ask him about Star Trek.  Dude probably doesn't know the difference between a Betazoid and a Bajoran.  Loser.

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Ryan and Michael discuss the first two weeks of the season, what we like, what we don't like.  Inevitably, talk turns to the future, a little about the draft, and where they think the Timberwolves will finish the season.  Playoffs or not?  Listen, and give us your thoughts!

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