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Michael and I talk Jason Smith and his suspension, CP3's homecoming, point out just how bad the starting line-up the Hornets trotted out against San Antonio, play a little game of "Who will be on the roster on opening night 2013", and THEN talk about the draft as the March Madness tournament resolves itself and Michael lets you in on a rumor he's heard about why Jared Sullinger's stock may be falling.  I listen in disbelief.  

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Ryan and Michael talk about the disappointments and impact to the league by the trade deadline, Jason Calmes joins the guys to talk about the new Lease proposal working it's way through the legislature, and Michael McNamara just can't abide winning.  Stupid New Jersey Nets and Deron Williams.  Will sourpuss Deron ever stop being a thorn in our side?

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Ryan and Michael spend a good bit of time talking about Rubio's injury and what impact it may have on the league standings the Hornets' second first-rounder.  Then, they talk Kaman's value to the team, predict which games may be wins during this week's slate of games against patsies, and make a prediction for results of the trade deadline.

Oh, and as for the picture - sometimes my inspiration fails me.  So this time, I turned to cute wolf puppies.  Aren't they soooo cute?

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Part II of the trade extravaganza.

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Michael and I are joined by James Grayson to talk about Trades!  We take your trades, our trades, and the national media's trades and talk them up.  In this first part of the Trade Extravanganza, we address a silly trade or two, talk about some of the trades put forth by the national media, and then move on to trades proposed by you or us.

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