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Michael and I record a two-part podcast for your listening pleasure.

In part 2, we roleplay.  Michael is Dell Demps, I am Monty Williams.  We decide which players should go and which should stay after talking about each of the players in depth.

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Michael and I record a two-part podcast for your listening pleasure.

In part 1, we talk the end of the season, lottery odds, Point-Counterpoint about Eric Gordon playing in the Olympics, and because we can't stop ourselves, a little about the players in the draft.

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Michael and I talk about the week that was, reminisce about one of the worst basketball games they've ever seen, and then Michael brings up just how often players drafted by their own team get a second contract from that team.  The answer will surprise you.  I know I was.

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After taking a week off for Easter, Michael and I have the bizarre experience of reviewing a record of 5-2 for the team?  Freakish - and alarming!  We also talk Aminu's improvement, Ayon's regression, Gordon's contract, Ariza's benching, and Monty Williams calling Marco a Beast and "Everything he wants this team to be."  Wow.

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Okay, Michael and I don't actually spend the entire show talking about Anthony Davis and his mystical unibrow, but we do have a really hard time not bringing him up as we talk about the current cieling for the Hornets roster, me getting lambasted for the Giving everything and losing article, Eric Gordon, the Golden State Win, being Dell Demps, etc, etc.

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