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D(avis) Day is here!  Michael and I recap the draft, argue about Austin Rivers for entirely too much time, talk about Darius Miller, and then try to figure out what this draft means for players like Belinelli, Aminu and Henry, and debate the potency of the Hornets backcourt.

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Michael and I present to you our Big Boards - the prospects as we see them - and fully expect mountains of vitriol to be heaped upon us.  You hear us Lillardians?  We are not afraid of you!!!

We close with a few potential trades that seem to be out there (Deng or Noah or Houston's picks) and give some thoughts on the the type of free agents we'd like to see brought in based on players taken in the draft at 10.

3 more days!

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Michael and I talk about the big trade that sent Okafor and Ariza to the Wizards and what it means for the Hornets, short and long term, and if it impacts their draft at all.

Exciting times in the NO.

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Michael and I talk about trades involving the tenth pick.   What we want in return for it, what picks we could get for players like J-Smitty and Ayon, and what sort of players will be available later in the first round.  

8 Days until the draft!

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Michael and I are joined by Mike Schmitz of and ESPN Truehoop's Valley of the Suns to talk about the prospects the Hornets could be picking at number 10.  if you haven't seen his work - go check it out.

Then, afterwards, we discuss Michael's suggestion of CP3 returning - who to try and cherry pick from the Thunder, and then Michael starts a new game, "What scares you most!?"  It may be as lame as you think it is.

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Michael and I talk about how the front office won't say they are taking Anthony Davis - and then we talk about all the people they could possibly take at 10.  Michael gets heated about Kendall Marshall and Austin Rivers, and I still have a man-crush on Sullinger but have a a few other guys I wouldn't mind seeing in creole blue.

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