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In this episode, we talk about the Robin Lopez and Hakim Warrick acquisition, what that means for starting line-ups and Anthony Davis.  Oh, and I was poetic about the beauty that is Ryan Anderson.

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Sorry the podcast was late!  I would blame Star Wars: The Old Republic, but that would be lame of me.

Hope you enjoy the podcast!  We recorded it Sunday night, so no discussion of the off-on Lopez trade.  That will come this Sunday.  Instead, we talk about the moves Demps did, and wonder if we could have improved on them.

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Not a lot of basketball being played by Hornets players right now, but Michael and I spend the podcast pouring over the western conference in the wake of a busy Free Agency and answering two questions:

  • Are they better than the Hornets now?
  • Are they someone to worry about in three years?

Tune in, then rank the teams yourself!

Oh, and this week is a two parter!  Come back Thursday morning for more Hornets coverage!

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Davis takes the court for Team USA, Gordon comes back for the Max, and Austin Rivers tries his hand as a point guard for the first time.  Lots to talk about.

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So, Go!


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Some momentous events this week as Al-Farouq Aminu led Nigeria to the Olympics!  Oh, and the Hornets sign and traded for some quasi-all-star Ryan Anderson.  And Eric Gordon said things that made people mad.

Really mad.

We talk about it all!

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Free Agency started today and Michael and I talk Eric Gordon, the trade rumors around him, and then address all the other potential free agents that are floating out around there.  Plus . . . Batum?!?  For that much?  Really?

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