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Michael and I are joined by Bradford Doolittle of the Basketball Prospectus and Over the past month, Brad has written several articles (like this one) analyzing the Hornets, and we thought he'd be a great guest to talk about projections for the future.

Oh, and his system is down on Austin Rivers.  So Michael and I can glare and grizzle over that a bit more. Good times!

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Michael and I are joined by none other than Henry Abbott of Truehoop to talk about HoopIdea,  Flopping and CP3, Boring Free Throws, Competitive balance, big Markets, Small Markets, and Markets that go "Wee Wee Wee" all the way home.

Oh, then we talk the Monty Extension, the Demps extension(?) and Brian Roberts. 

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Special Guest Gerry V swings by to talk Hornets with Michael and I.  We address the point guard position - what is a point guard - what position Anthony Davis plays, expectations and timelines for the team, and Gerry talks coaching philosphies.

It's a good one folks, have a listen!

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In this episode Michael and I welcome Roger Mason to the team, talk about what we expect from him, and how worried we are about the Hornets wing players.  Oh, and then we talk Dell Demps and Monty Williams.  Should the Hornets extend them, and at what price?

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