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Michael and I are joined by Graydon Gordian of 48 minutes of Hell to talk about the Season Opener and what to expect from the Spurs in the future and for this game.  Great way to start the day - preparing for tonight!

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Michael and I continue our journey through the Western Conference in an effort to place the Hornets appropriately amongst their peers.  We do Utah, Dallas, Denver, Memphis, LA Clippers, LA Lakers, and the Thunder.   One of the teams we expect to bottom out this year.  Two of them seem slated to fight to join San Antonio, OKC and the Lakers at the top.  Which one is it?

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After a week in DisneyWorld, I join Michael to cover the last couple games of the pre-season, and then tackle a huge slate of items:  Poor guard play, Picking up options on Xavier Henry and Aminu,  Loving Ryan Anderson, arguing about whether Aminu is an NBA player in three years, Loving Ryan Anderson.  We talk about Gordon and Rivers doing full-contact practice drills, then we Love Ryan Anderson, and then preview the games coming up this week.

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Michael and I talk about this weeks three games, whether Vasquez is at risk to lose his starting gig, and pretty much come up with the list of players who have probably already played themselves out of the rotation.

We then preview the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns for you and last, engage in some future speculation about players the Hornets may want to pursue.

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Michael and I talk about what we saw in the Hornets first pre-season game - what mattered, what didn't, and was that a hook shot from Robin Lopez or a MLB pitch at the rim?  Then we chat about Ayon and the guy who didn't play a minute for the Hornets.  No, not Hakim Warrick!  Eric Gordon.

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Michael and I are joined by former Hornet and current member of the Hornets Broadcast booth David Wesley!  We get to talk to him about adapting to the broadcasting booth, whether veteran mentors are really veteran mentors, what should Austin Rivers be doing to transition to point guard like Wesley did, push him into trying to pick a starting five today, and generally have a great conversation.  Don't miss this one!

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Michael and I talk about what each of us feel is the biggest question we want to see answered this upcoming season.  Then, we continue our march through the Western Conference, evaluating the Portland Trailblazers and Minnesota Timberwolves in the upcoming playoff chase.

We close with news around the NBA.  It's good to have basketball back!

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