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Michael and I talk about Grievis Vasquez, Austin Rivers, the Weather, Dungeons and Dragons . . . aw, who am I kidding?  We talk Eric Gordon!  And recap the other games and preview the next two.

Eric Gordon!

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Michael and I talk the last two games, including that horrible Pacers collapse, we address whether we feel Anthony Davis is a top 50 player today, address a few of Michael's Trade ideas, talk Demarcus Cousins, Eric Gordon and the dreaded Microfracture Surgery rumors, and then preview the upcoming week's games.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Michael and I recap the last two games, and now that Anthony Davis is playing, we get to start talking about Anthony Davis and what he's doing right and wrong on the court.  Yay!  Then we address the trademarked alter-Pelican names, Eric Gordon, whether this team will be any good when Gordon starts playing, and then Preview Spurs-Pacers this weekend.

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Michael and I spend a lot of time talking about Vasquez, his game, his numbers, and his possible impact on Austin Rivers development going forward.  Then Michael calls out Anthony Davis, we take turns calling out every player on this team that spends time at small forward, trash the team's defense, and stare dreamily at Ryan Anderson.

I'm growing a beard to be just like him.  Except fat.  And not 6'9".  Or able to shoot.  Or rich.  But other than that, exactly like him.

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Michael and I recap the last two games and then get right to your calls about trades!  December 15th is the day many players will become trade eligible, and we look at various offers and proposals, make our own, and generally talk about what sort of teams the Hornets should be targeting to make trades.  Gordon, Aminu, Vasquez, Lopez - they are all on the table.

Oh, and I apologize to Brian Roberts.

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Michael and I review the last two games, answer some of your questions sent in on our new hotline, and then preview the Wizards and Thunder. (again)  Oh, and Anthony Davis is coming back this week!

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Michael and I talk about the Pelicans, Austin Rivers, drool over Brandon Jennings, review the Bucks and Lakers games and preview the Grizzlies and Heat.

If you want to sound off, give us a call!  We may use it in our next podcast!  504-322-3333.

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Gerry V joins Michael and I to give incisive analysis on this team.  He touches on Amin, Lopez, Vasquez, Rivers, Roberts and Anderson, as well as addressesing the team weaknesses, why the Hornets struggle to rebound the ball, and gives advice as to what to watch for as this team tries to learn and grow.

Then, Michael and I talk the Jazz and Thunder games, preview the Bucks and Lakers, and I Stats Ambush Michael with a set of advanced stats - who is the the least impactful player this season?  Most impactful?  Who impacts the Hornets shooting the most?  The answers will surprise you.

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