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In our first non-mini Mini podcast, Michael and I break down Evans versus Gordon in a battle royale!  Who goes, who stays, who is better at help defense?  Who is better coming off screens?  Who does Michael think has a higher ceiling?

It's all Pelicans Shooting Guards, all the time!  Except for Austin Rivers.  Poor guy always gets left out.

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In a week of 2-1 Pelicans basketball, Michael and I love what we're seeing from Jrue Holiday, talk Ryan Anderson's rebounding and mini-shooting slump, and wonder if Eric Gordon deserves to be fed the ball when he's on fire.  We spend a little time comparing Ty Lawson, Jrue Holiday and Mike Conley, wondering who is better overall, and then make predictions for the upcoming pair of games at the start of this roadtrip.

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Michael and I talk about the devastating effect injuries can have on this team going forward, as well as recap that back-and-forth Dallas game, compare Jason Smith to Collison in the OKC game, and wonder why Amundson gets minutes over withy.  Oh and we try to figure out why Aminu got 31 shots over the last 2 games.  Anyone know the answer?

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Michael and I talk the 3-2 stretch the Pelicans produced, including the injury in New York that made Michael McNamara think fetal positions are good, the hugely entertaining triple OT game in Chicago, and the horrible, horrible San Antonio game.

We also spend a lot of time talking about Aminu, rotations, last minute play calls, Tyreke, and the impacts of Anthony Davis.  Plus, I propose a trade you won't want to miss!  Really!

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I talk about Tyreke Evans recovering his form, which of the three guards appears to be the New Orleans alpha Guard, the Closing Five, which lineups are good, which aren't, Brian Roberts losing his minutes to Rivers, and bemoan just how tough the Western Conference is.  Oh, and we also talk obscure stats, preview the Spurs and Warriors, and recap the Utah and Cavalier games.

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Michael and I talk about two soul-crushing games, and one game that managed to make them feel less foul.  Plus, is Ryan Anderson the cure to all woes - even those caused by Arch-Villian Monty Williams?  Only time will tell.

We then talk about which Tyreke we'll see the rest of the season - Stiemsma's injury, figuring out Aminu, and ask which teams are a Mirage or Real.

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Michael and I talk Pelicans Basketball as Michael revises his expectations for this season downward, I try to argue for more optimism and then I take my turn ranting about the lack of three point attempts.  We do spend some time glorying in Anthony Davis's amazing ability - and a lot of time being down on Tyreke Evans.

Enjoy the Podcast.

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Andy and Brian Kamenetzky of <a href=""></a> join us to talk the upcoming Lakers games and the state of the mightiest franchise in the NBA. They answer whether Xavier Henry is what we thought he was - which players are keepers in Lakerland, and whether Steve Nash has anything left.  Then Michael and I talk the Memphis and Suns games, defensive breakdowns, over-under, the most impactful Pelican, and 4 seconds of PT for Austin Rivers!

Thanks to our great guests Andy and Brian!

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Michael and I get together to talk about the first three games of the season - focusing on what we saw that was good, bad, and Ugly. (Orlando) We spend some time talking about the front court - how bad it looks at times - and what Ryan Anderson means to the team, as well as whether Morrow is the answer - which guard is playing the best, and whether Anthony Davis is going to be the undisputed Alpha Dog on this team, despite only being 20 years old.

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Gerry V joins Michael and I to bring his coaches eye to what we've seen this off-season.  We ask him about all the usual suspects, if center is going to be a insupperable hole, Rivers or Roberts, Tyreke on or off the ball, and Jrue Holiday running the point.  Then Michael and I talk about the upcoming game against the Pacers, I predict the Pelicans will have a sixth man winner, and Michael and I handicap the Executive of the Year award and if Dell may be in the conversation.

Are you ready for some Basketball?

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Michael and I break down the teams they predict will finish at the top of the Western Conference and out of the playoff picture.  Where will the Pelicans land?  Who will be the top seed?  Tune in!

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Category:Sports -- posted at: 9:55pm CDT's Amin Elhassan joins Michael and I again to talk about his latest Pelicans articles.  We talk about Monty being able to coach this team and if he might end up on the hot seat, wonder at how good Anthony Davis will be, talk about the parts on this team and if they will work, and ask him if we might have given up on Aminu too early.

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Michael and I break down the teams they predict will finish at the bottom of the Western Conference and out of the playoff picture.  Will either of us list the Pelicans?  I guarantee a few of the picks will surprise you!

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Two more games, two more Pelican victories.  The Pelicans continue to lift the expectations of those who watch this team.  It's hard not to feel the hype.  Should you?  Michael and I talk the games, team weaknesses and strengths, whether Brian Roberts has outplayed Rivers for the backup point position, whether Stiemsma will hold his starting slot, and Anthony Davis, Defensive Closer.

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The Pelicans continue their undefeated role behind Anthony Davis.  Michael and I talk about whether we may have sold him short, whether Holiday will take fewer shots, what Austin Rivers may be this year, and spend a lot of time on players like Aminu, Stiemsma, Withey, and Roberts.

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Michael and I talk rotations, Anthony Davis!, Tyreke Evan's ankle, the top 2 what-ifs that are most likely and most unlikely to happen this year, Dell Demps strategy, and Jrue Holiday's turnover woes.

Did I mention we get to talk about actual games!  It's Pre-season!

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Larry Coon joins the show to talk about Pelicans basketball - how the league is dealing with small market teams, what the tighter luxury taxes mean to teams in all markets, and gives his take on Dell Demps' strategy of looking for "Young Veterans".   Lots of good stuff here.  Thanks to Larry Coon for coming on!

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In our first Podcast of the new Season, we bring on special guest Kevin Pelton to talk projtections for the team.  Will Anthony Davis be the next NBA superstar?  What are the biggest question marks about this team?  Is Tyreke really regressing?  It's all answered here.

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Michael and I get together to cover everything that's happened over the last month.  The Team USA game, articles bashing the Pelicans summer haul, The Greg Oden chase.  Remaining roster holes.  Estimating a floor/ceiling for the team.  The biggest unknowns left for the squad.


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Michael and I talk Summer league!  How is Austin Rivers developing?  Darius Miller?  Do Pierre Jackson and Jeff Withey have what it takes to carve out niches on this Pelicans squad?  Is Brian Roberts the next big thing?

All questions we talk about on this podcast - plus Greg Oden, Anthony Morrow, Stiemsma, Jon Brockman, and Anthony Davis.

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Tom Ziller of Sactown Royalty joins Michael and I to talk Tyreke Evans.  We touch on everything - his defense, open floor acumen, abilities in the Pick and Roll, Isolation talents, whether he hates being a small forward, and if he would willingly take a sixth man role.  Then, Michael and I delve into everything else.  Line-ups, rotations, how players fit next to each other, and why I hate the idea of Ryan Anderson for Asik.  Oh, and we talk about Aminu's new contract, Pierre Jackson, Michael's Mancrush on Jeff Withey, and Austin Rivers as well.

Lots o stuff!

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In part 1 of the In the NO wrap up of free agency, Gerry V joins Michael and Ryan to talk about whether the team has filled a lot of those holes that were so glaring last season.  They talk Evans role on the team, trading Asik for Anderson, whether Jrue Holiday is an upgrade on Vasquez, and what Austin Rivers must be thinking now.

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Michael and I get together as Free Agency officially begins to talk about the reported prime targets of the New Orleans Pelicans: Kevin Martin, Andre Igoudala, Tyreke Evans and Chase Budinger.  We talk about each, how we feel they'd fit with the team, salary possibilities, and what other free agents we like for the squad.

It'll be an exciting few days in Free Agency World.

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Michael and I get together to talk the aftermath of a crazy NBA draft.  We talk Nerlens Noel, the value of that 2014 draft pick, Jrue Holiday and Pierre Jackson.  Then we consider the salary cap implications, what the trade means for Vasquez, what Demps is signalling to all of us about his plans for this team, and whether Gordon and Vasquez can get along.

Crazy night!

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Amin Elhassan, former Assistant director of Basketball Operations for the Suns and current ESPN writer joins us to talk about the Draft, some of the players we hate and love, general drafting philosophies and what advanced analytics really means for the NBA.

Take a listen, he had me questioning my analysis.  Ah, ignorance, why must you desert me now.

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Michael and I debate our top ten guys - and unsurprisingly, have some pretty big differences.  Particularly, my board is right, and his isn't.  We also talk rumors about McLemore and/or Oladipo falling, Chad Ford not putting anyone into Tier's 1 and 2 in this draft, and generally what we think most of the rumors are that are out there - smoke or fire.

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Gerry V joins Ryan and Michael to talk about the Finals, what the team can take away from these games, and what they need to be looking for this off-season.  Then Ryan and Michael talk about the workouts that have happened so far, the strange lack of Eric Gordon's name in the team's draft press release, and who we think is on Dell Demp's draft board.

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Andrew Geiger of joins us to talk about Otto Porter and the New Orleans Pelicans.  Then we start talking the draft prospects of the 6th pick tournament, talk CP3's displeasure with the Clippers, and think about trades with Houston to "help" them land Dwight Howard.  Then we move on to trading the Pelicans' 2014 pick, big men dominating the NBA, and Dell Demps in Europe to see Dario Saric.

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Michael and I talk the sixth pick of the NBA Draft after I moan and whine about it to start the show.  Then we talk players that could be available for the New Orleans Pelicans, players that could fall, players that could rise, and lastly, who would each of us take at that spot if we were Dell Demps and had no trade offers on the table.

And yes, somehow I manage to mention Rudy Gay.  And donkey balls.

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Michael and I are joined by Jeremy Schmidt of 4Bucksketball4 to talk Point Guards! We grill him on Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis, and Michael can't help but talk about how he always wanted Larry Sanders.  For years.   We get it, Michael.

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This may be my favorite podcast I've ever recorded.  Michael and I talk CP3 - Michael makes his case for him returning to New Orleans - and where else he could do.  We talk all kinds of prospects, and then we bring on Maestro and Portland Trailblazer Fan to talk Lilliard winning the ROY over Davis, before moving on to talk Hoop Idea, Hack Tactics, the team to fear in the West, and somehow we end up on Rudy Gay.

Seriously - if you will only ever listen to In the NO once, listen to this one.

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Michael and I are joined by Gerry V to get an insiders glimpse into what the scouting process will be for the Pelicans.  We talk about how to look at prospects, which is harder to coach - offense or defense - and what Davis and Rivers should each be doing this summer to get better.  Stay in New Orleans or seek out high level games?  And last, we touch on Jason Collins announcement.


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Michael and I get together to set the table for an absolutely vital off-season for the New Orleans Pelicans.  We talk cap space, player contracts, what types of players they can go after, what their lottery odds are and most likely results.  Then we talk about Gordon and Rivers and Davis and how each of them could improve for next year.

It's time for the team to keep moving forward, and not just with a new name!

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Michael and I are joined in our 3rd and final Post-Mortum podcast, first by Mason Ginsberg - whom I challenge on his number one player in his Player Rankings, and then Jason Calmes comes on to talk about the health of the Hornets as a business and what they are doing in the off-season to improve your experience at the games!

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We continue to wrap up our season coverage, talking with Jake Madison about playbook changes that have occurred over the season and bringing on Andrew Smith to talk about the guys in the locker room.  Who is the best to hang out with, best in the locker room?  What do the Hornets need to get to help their existing playbook?  Answers within!

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In this, the first of a three part season Moratorium, Ryan and Michael wrap up the last week of games, talk CP3 and Anthony Davis's sprained MCL, take calls about AD playing center and Eric Gordon taking more jumpshots, and then bring on Hornets247 writers James Grayson and Chris Trew to talk trade values and the Rebrand.

Part two rolls out Tuesday, but today's podcast is special.  Because it's yours.

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Michael and I recap the Jazz and Phoenix games, including getting Michael's eyewitness account of the shouting match between Monty Williams and Eric Gordon on the sidelines in Utah.  Ugly.  Then we talk about the myriad of point guard options that may be available this summer, including Jennings, Marcus Smart, Bledsoe, Rajon Rondo, Trey Burke, etc.

Then we preview the upcoming Lakers game and the Hornets Pooperbowl against Sacramento.

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Michael and I are joined by Michael Pelissier to talk about Eric Gordon, his production this season, and what the team needs to put around him.  Then we recap the loss against Golden State, secretly one of our favorite non-Pelican teams, and I curse at Jarrett Jack.  We then talk Lottery placement, teams we need to worry about, and which teams we should all root for across the association to increase our odds in the lottery before moving on to the games against the fighting for their life Utah Jazz and double-tanking Phoenix Suns.

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Gerry V joins Michael and I to talk about the team's play over this last homestand, whether there will be more than just three or four hold-overs still on the roster next year, and if he'd prefer to get a lottery pick or a veteran.  Then we talk about CP3 eviscerating Vasquez, Davis getting the better of Griffin, and drool over a Nugget wing or two.

Then, Michael talks about the players that changed his opinion of them over the NCAA tournament.

Give us a call to sound off! 504-322-3333.

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Michael and I talk about a winning week of basketball!  And somehow, Michael manages not to drown in his own tears.  Then, we talk the upcoming games, somehow talk about obscure euro's who are out of the league, wonder at Demps ability to pull in usuable big men, and preview Nuggets and Clippers.

Oh, and we talk Oladipo!

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Michael and I recap the three losses this week, focusing, as usual, on Davis, Gordon, Vasquez, and Ryan Anderson's virus-caused yack.  Okay, not that last part.

Then, we take a great listener question and start talking the Draft!  McLemore, Smart, Porter, Noel - and boy does Michael say something silly about Noel.

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As Anthony Davis continues to get long minutes, Ryan and Michael area already starting to debate wether Skynet is the best player on the floor in each game.  We also talk about Darius Miller's big minutes, Lance Thomas' possible roll as an Rocket Propelled Grenade, whether Eric Gordon and Aminu have checked out - and if Brian Roberts is the new point guard of the future. Cuz you know he is.

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Michael and I rant about the Lakers game.  And the Orlando Game.  And we present the Worst Defensive Play ever award, after beng given not one, not two, but THREE distinctly awful plays to choose from in that Lakers game.  Then we answer a listener's question about rebuilding models and what path we'd like to see the Hornets take.

Last, we talk Memphis and Portland and I get to sneer at Rudy Gay again.  That always makes my day.

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Michael and I recap the week, talking about a close loss to Brooklyn, a tight win over Detroit, and a cringeworthy (or poetry-worthy) game against OKC.  Since these games result in more injuries to the team this week - we start speculating on whether the tank has arrived or not.  Then, we play the game Buy, Sell, or Meh, and then preview the Lakers and Magic game.

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Michael and I discuss the lousy trades that occurred at the deadline, and then spend more time on what those trades mean.  Players staying put probably means they are more likely to hit free agency.  Bingo!  We spend some time rewviewing Anthony Davis and several strong games of his, and then talkk about the 1-3 week and preview the upcoming back to back versus the gently repulsive Brooklyn Nets and Thunder.

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Michael and I talk about the two previous games, preview the upcoming pair to start this week, address Anthony Davis getting boo'ed in the Rising Stars challenge and Ryan Anderson missing out on the final shootout.  Oh, and in between we talk the looming trade deadline, and posit trades involving Gordon, Vasquez, Aminu, Anderson, and Robin "Must Die" Lopez.

It'll make sense when you listen.

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Ryan and Michael worry about Anthony Davis's production and the fact he's been the fourth best big man on this team for a few games now.  They also talk Hawks and Raptors, covering some trade targets from the former team and talking trash about Rudy Gay on the second.  Okay, I'm doing that.  Then Ryan tries for some redemption in the All-Star Pick-em Draft after getting absolutely crushed in the Classic Hornets team Draft.  We talk Rondo, Westbrook, Michael is forced to build the most hated team ever, and finally we get to the Detroit and Portland games.  Michael again targets various players for trade/free agency.  Good stuff as always!

Sound off and let us know what you think! 504-322-3333.

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A win!?  We were so excited we got Gerry V to join us to talk Anthony Davis' dwindling minutes, Eric Gordon's dwindling shot numbers, whether the frontcourt needs an upgrade or not, and why Austin Rivers is getting long minutes.  Then we talk the Phoenix game, talk about how badly I was thrashed in the voting for Classic Hornets team, and Michael tells about his crushing encounter with Alonzo Mourning.  Oh, and we preview Atlanta and Toronto, where the team again faces my bête noire, Rudy Gay.

Oh, and Community, Star Wars and Game of Thrones.  I must have been feeling my oats mentioning all those things in one podcast.

Sound off and let us know what you think! 504-322-3333.

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Michael and I were so disgusted by the last two games we only spend a brief amount of time talking about them before playing a Vintage Hornets Draft game, where we each select a team of classic Hornets and let them go head to head for your votes.  Then, we do a whole bit evaluating Anthony Davis so far, take a couple calls about Nerlens Noel, Jerome Dyson/Brian Roberts and then, for the umpteenth millionth time, mock Phoenix - a team with a better record than ours.


Sound off and let us know what you think! 504-322-3333.

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In this show Michael and I spend long minutes dwelling on the short minutes a lot of the best Hornets players have been getting recently.  Is winning a priority for this team?  Then we take some listener's calls and end up talking a lot of Vasquez, including going through the list of Point Guards in this league and listing all the point guards we would take over Vasquez.

Then we talk Nuggets and Wolves.

Sound off and let us know what you think! 504-322-3333.

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Michael and I talk about the last three games, I rant about the "Prevent Offense". we answer a question about goals for this team going forward, and then talk about the upcoming games.  We touch on signing Dwight Howard or Paul Millsap, some more line-up information, and, of course, we talk Pelicans.  Ca-caw?

What noise does a Pelican make?

Give us a call! 504-322-3333

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Michael and I talk about the Golden State game and his desire to see the Hornets step on the throat of their enemies, grind them into the dust, and revel in the resulting tears and agony.  Then we talk about Davis's big game, the improving Aminu, and shockingly get to talk about Rivers using adjectives other than terrible, awful, and revolting.  Then we answer a listener's question about the Luxury Tax and this teams flexibility, which inevitably leads to trade talk that involves Josh Smith, Ersan Ilyasova, Wilson Chandler and Rudy.  Of course.

We wrap up by previewing Sacramento's unbalanced roster and the <em>exciting</em> (damnit!) San Antonio Spurs.

Give us a call! 504-322-3333.

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Michael and I talk about the recent winning, talk about whether the Playoffs are even a remote possibility, Address Anthony Davis' short playing time, recap the wins in Philly and Boston, address the real non-Gordony reason for the winning, and play which PG do you want: Jrue Holiday or Rajon Rondo.  Then we take some of the messages you've left for us about whether the Hornets should hire an offensive Guru, what they could offer for Kyle Lowry, and last, we answer two questions about the Draft, Draft, Draft!  Oh, I love the draft.   In particular we do our favorite college players, talk about best fits, and mention players you should look for.

Oh, and then we preview the Warriors.

Give us a call! 504-322-3333.

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Ryan and Michael tackle the streak, Austin Rivers extremely limited playing time, Debate Carmelo Anthony's impact on the game, Anthony Davis's energy levels, Vasquez and Gordon (as usual), preview the upcoming Philly and Boston games, and then play would you-wouldn't you on some trade ideas.  Of course one of the trades has Rudy Gay in it, and Michael can burn in hell.

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The Hornets have a three game winning streak, and Ryan and Michael talk about whether it is entirely Eric Gordon that is spurring this run.  Then we talk advanced stats, having Lopez and Vasquez around the carry the scoring load, marvel at Aminu's good and bad qualities, talk most successful Hornets lineups, recap Spurs-Houston, and then preview Wolves-Knicks.

Have something to say? Sound off by calling 504-322-3333.

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Gerry V joins us to talk about the Hornets with Eric Gordon.  We get his thoughts on Aminu playing again, what Gordon being around means for Vasquez, Anthony Davis' struggles, and what to watch for in the upcoming weeks.  Then Michael and I talk the Dallas game, Michael has a new theory on Vasquez, proposes a trade that includes Ryan Anderson, gets yelled at about Rudy Gay, and then we preview the Spurs and Rockets games.

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Kevin Pelton of the Basketball Prospectus and joins us to talk about Austin Rivers and whether he's having the worst season of all time.  Then we bombard him with other questions, hoping he'll tell us it ain't so.  Afterwards, we talk more Austin Rivers, the two Hornets losses this week, the upcoming Dallas Game, Anthony Davis, and discuss whether this team is soft.

Do you think the team is soft?

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