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Michael and I talk about the last three games, I rant about the "Prevent Offense". we answer a question about goals for this team going forward, and then talk about the upcoming games.  We touch on signing Dwight Howard or Paul Millsap, some more line-up information, and, of course, we talk Pelicans.  Ca-caw?

What noise does a Pelican make?

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Michael and I talk about the Golden State game and his desire to see the Hornets step on the throat of their enemies, grind them into the dust, and revel in the resulting tears and agony.  Then we talk about Davis's big game, the improving Aminu, and shockingly get to talk about Rivers using adjectives other than terrible, awful, and revolting.  Then we answer a listener's question about the Luxury Tax and this teams flexibility, which inevitably leads to trade talk that involves Josh Smith, Ersan Ilyasova, Wilson Chandler and Rudy.  Of course.

We wrap up by previewing Sacramento's unbalanced roster and the <em>exciting</em> (damnit!) San Antonio Spurs.

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Michael and I talk about the recent winning, talk about whether the Playoffs are even a remote possibility, Address Anthony Davis' short playing time, recap the wins in Philly and Boston, address the real non-Gordony reason for the winning, and play which PG do you want: Jrue Holiday or Rajon Rondo.  Then we take some of the messages you've left for us about whether the Hornets should hire an offensive Guru, what they could offer for Kyle Lowry, and last, we answer two questions about the Draft, Draft, Draft!  Oh, I love the draft.   In particular we do our favorite college players, talk about best fits, and mention players you should look for.

Oh, and then we preview the Warriors.

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Ryan and Michael tackle the streak, Austin Rivers extremely limited playing time, Debate Carmelo Anthony's impact on the game, Anthony Davis's energy levels, Vasquez and Gordon (as usual), preview the upcoming Philly and Boston games, and then play would you-wouldn't you on some trade ideas.  Of course one of the trades has Rudy Gay in it, and Michael can burn in hell.

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The Hornets have a three game winning streak, and Ryan and Michael talk about whether it is entirely Eric Gordon that is spurring this run.  Then we talk advanced stats, having Lopez and Vasquez around the carry the scoring load, marvel at Aminu's good and bad qualities, talk most successful Hornets lineups, recap Spurs-Houston, and then preview Wolves-Knicks.

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Gerry V joins us to talk about the Hornets with Eric Gordon.  We get his thoughts on Aminu playing again, what Gordon being around means for Vasquez, Anthony Davis' struggles, and what to watch for in the upcoming weeks.  Then Michael and I talk the Dallas game, Michael has a new theory on Vasquez, proposes a trade that includes Ryan Anderson, gets yelled at about Rudy Gay, and then we preview the Spurs and Rockets games.

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Kevin Pelton of the Basketball Prospectus and joins us to talk about Austin Rivers and whether he's having the worst season of all time.  Then we bombard him with other questions, hoping he'll tell us it ain't so.  Afterwards, we talk more Austin Rivers, the two Hornets losses this week, the upcoming Dallas Game, Anthony Davis, and discuss whether this team is soft.

Do you think the team is soft?

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