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Michael and I discuss the lousy trades that occurred at the deadline, and then spend more time on what those trades mean.  Players staying put probably means they are more likely to hit free agency.  Bingo!  We spend some time rewviewing Anthony Davis and several strong games of his, and then talkk about the 1-3 week and preview the upcoming back to back versus the gently repulsive Brooklyn Nets and Thunder.

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Michael and I talk about the two previous games, preview the upcoming pair to start this week, address Anthony Davis getting boo'ed in the Rising Stars challenge and Ryan Anderson missing out on the final shootout.  Oh, and in between we talk the looming trade deadline, and posit trades involving Gordon, Vasquez, Aminu, Anderson, and Robin "Must Die" Lopez.

It'll make sense when you listen.

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Ryan and Michael worry about Anthony Davis's production and the fact he's been the fourth best big man on this team for a few games now.  They also talk Hawks and Raptors, covering some trade targets from the former team and talking trash about Rudy Gay on the second.  Okay, I'm doing that.  Then Ryan tries for some redemption in the All-Star Pick-em Draft after getting absolutely crushed in the Classic Hornets team Draft.  We talk Rondo, Westbrook, Michael is forced to build the most hated team ever, and finally we get to the Detroit and Portland games.  Michael again targets various players for trade/free agency.  Good stuff as always!

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A win!?  We were so excited we got Gerry V to join us to talk Anthony Davis' dwindling minutes, Eric Gordon's dwindling shot numbers, whether the frontcourt needs an upgrade or not, and why Austin Rivers is getting long minutes.  Then we talk the Phoenix game, talk about how badly I was thrashed in the voting for Classic Hornets team, and Michael tells about his crushing encounter with Alonzo Mourning.  Oh, and we preview Atlanta and Toronto, where the team again faces my bête noire, Rudy Gay.

Oh, and Community, Star Wars and Game of Thrones.  I must have been feeling my oats mentioning all those things in one podcast.

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Michael and I were so disgusted by the last two games we only spend a brief amount of time talking about them before playing a Vintage Hornets Draft game, where we each select a team of classic Hornets and let them go head to head for your votes.  Then, we do a whole bit evaluating Anthony Davis so far, take a couple calls about Nerlens Noel, Jerome Dyson/Brian Roberts and then, for the umpteenth millionth time, mock Phoenix - a team with a better record than ours.


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In this show Michael and I spend long minutes dwelling on the short minutes a lot of the best Hornets players have been getting recently.  Is winning a priority for this team?  Then we take some listener's calls and end up talking a lot of Vasquez, including going through the list of Point Guards in this league and listing all the point guards we would take over Vasquez.

Then we talk Nuggets and Wolves.

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