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Michael and I talk about a winning week of basketball!  And somehow, Michael manages not to drown in his own tears.  Then, we talk the upcoming games, somehow talk about obscure euro's who are out of the league, wonder at Demps ability to pull in usuable big men, and preview Nuggets and Clippers.

Oh, and we talk Oladipo!

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Michael and I recap the three losses this week, focusing, as usual, on Davis, Gordon, Vasquez, and Ryan Anderson's virus-caused yack.  Okay, not that last part.

Then, we take a great listener question and start talking the Draft!  McLemore, Smart, Porter, Noel - and boy does Michael say something silly about Noel.

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As Anthony Davis continues to get long minutes, Ryan and Michael area already starting to debate wether Skynet is the best player on the floor in each game.  We also talk about Darius Miller's big minutes, Lance Thomas' possible roll as an Rocket Propelled Grenade, whether Eric Gordon and Aminu have checked out - and if Brian Roberts is the new point guard of the future. Cuz you know he is.

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Michael and I rant about the Lakers game.  And the Orlando Game.  And we present the Worst Defensive Play ever award, after beng given not one, not two, but THREE distinctly awful plays to choose from in that Lakers game.  Then we answer a listener's question about rebuilding models and what path we'd like to see the Hornets take.

Last, we talk Memphis and Portland and I get to sneer at Rudy Gay again.  That always makes my day.

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Michael and I recap the week, talking about a close loss to Brooklyn, a tight win over Detroit, and a cringeworthy (or poetry-worthy) game against OKC.  Since these games result in more injuries to the team this week - we start speculating on whether the tank has arrived or not.  Then, we play the game Buy, Sell, or Meh, and then preview the Lakers and Magic game.

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