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Gerry V joins Michael and I to bring his coaches eye to what we've seen this off-season.  We ask him about all the usual suspects, if center is going to be a insupperable hole, Rivers or Roberts, Tyreke on or off the ball, and Jrue Holiday running the point.  Then Michael and I talk about the upcoming game against the Pacers, I predict the Pelicans will have a sixth man winner, and Michael and I handicap the Executive of the Year award and if Dell may be in the conversation.

Are you ready for some Basketball?

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Michael and I break down the teams they predict will finish at the top of the Western Conference and out of the playoff picture.  Where will the Pelicans land?  Who will be the top seed?  Tune in!

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Category:Sports -- posted at: 9:55pm CDT's Amin Elhassan joins Michael and I again to talk about his latest Pelicans articles.  We talk about Monty being able to coach this team and if he might end up on the hot seat, wonder at how good Anthony Davis will be, talk about the parts on this team and if they will work, and ask him if we might have given up on Aminu too early.

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Michael and I break down the teams they predict will finish at the bottom of the Western Conference and out of the playoff picture.  Will either of us list the Pelicans?  I guarantee a few of the picks will surprise you!

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Two more games, two more Pelican victories.  The Pelicans continue to lift the expectations of those who watch this team.  It's hard not to feel the hype.  Should you?  Michael and I talk the games, team weaknesses and strengths, whether Brian Roberts has outplayed Rivers for the backup point position, whether Stiemsma will hold his starting slot, and Anthony Davis, Defensive Closer.

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The Pelicans continue their undefeated role behind Anthony Davis.  Michael and I talk about whether we may have sold him short, whether Holiday will take fewer shots, what Austin Rivers may be this year, and spend a lot of time on players like Aminu, Stiemsma, Withey, and Roberts.

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Michael and I talk rotations, Anthony Davis!, Tyreke Evan's ankle, the top 2 what-ifs that are most likely and most unlikely to happen this year, Dell Demps strategy, and Jrue Holiday's turnover woes.

Did I mention we get to talk about actual games!  It's Pre-season!

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Larry Coon joins the show to talk about Pelicans basketball - how the league is dealing with small market teams, what the tighter luxury taxes mean to teams in all markets, and gives his take on Dell Demps' strategy of looking for "Young Veterans".   Lots of good stuff here.  Thanks to Larry Coon for coming on!

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