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Michael and I talk about Tyreke Evans recovering his form, which of the three guards appears to be the New Orleans alpha Guard, the Closing Five, which lineups are good, which aren't, Brian Roberts losing his minutes to Rivers, and bemoan just how tough the Western Conference is.  Oh, and we also talk obscure stats, preview the Spurs and Warriors, and recap the Utah and Cavalier games.

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Michael and I talk about two soul-crushing games, and one game that managed to make them feel less foul.  Plus, is Ryan Anderson the cure to all woes - even those caused by Arch-Villian Monty Williams?  Only time will tell.

We then talk about which Tyreke we'll see the rest of the season - Stiemsma's injury, figuring out Aminu, and ask which teams are a Mirage or Real.

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Michael and I talk Pelicans Basketball as Michael revises his expectations for this season downward, I try to argue for more optimism and then I take my turn ranting about the lack of three point attempts.  We do spend some time glorying in Anthony Davis's amazing ability - and a lot of time being down on Tyreke Evans.

Enjoy the Podcast.

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Andy and Brian Kamenetzky of <a href=""></a> join us to talk the upcoming Lakers games and the state of the mightiest franchise in the NBA. They answer whether Xavier Henry is what we thought he was - which players are keepers in Lakerland, and whether Steve Nash has anything left.  Then Michael and I talk the Memphis and Suns games, defensive breakdowns, over-under, the most impactful Pelican, and 4 seconds of PT for Austin Rivers!

Thanks to our great guests Andy and Brian!

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Michael and I get together to talk about the first three games of the season - focusing on what we saw that was good, bad, and Ugly. (Orlando) We spend some time talking about the front court - how bad it looks at times - and what Ryan Anderson means to the team, as well as whether Morrow is the answer - which guard is playing the best, and whether Anthony Davis is going to be the undisputed Alpha Dog on this team, despite only being 20 years old.

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