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Mason Ginsberg joins me to talk about whether the Pelicans have a chance to get into the playoff picture this year or not.  Then we pick Western Conference stars to curse, talk Tyreke Evans, and get into what the line-up numbers look like when replacing Eric Gordon with Luke Babbitt. Grim.


Then we preview a couple upcoming games and talk the Pacers and Chicago.

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Nick Lewellen and I spend some time talking about Jrue Holiday's phenomenal defense - but how he's generally viewed around the league as a third tier sort of point guard.  We talk about how he's grown, and if he's good enough to be a member of a big three.  Then we shift to Anthony Davis and I make a crazy statement about his offensive game, Nick kindly ignores it and we start talking about defense.


We spend a lot of time talking about defense and line-up data.  I love me some numbers.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Jason and I talk about the 2-2 week, the crushing defeats to the Clippers and Warriors, and what we think about Monty.  Rotations?  All Bench squads?  Hero Ball?  Discipline?  I also go on a rant about Tyreke Evans, we admire Golden State, and predict the tough upcoming weeks schedule.


We also hate the Clippers and Dallas, talk Dante,  and I call Blake Griffin a bad name and don't feel bad about it.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Jason Calmes and I talk about the team's performance during this 0-3 stretch,and the obviously related release of Darius Miller and Patric Young.  Who is incoming?  What will it fix?

Then we talk Austin Rivers, Tyreke Evans, not being 76ers fans, and Jason's Dream Move.

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Michael and I talk about . . . 43 points!  INJURIES?!?  OMG!!!!  What do we do!!!  Or - we break down no less than 6 games and give a brief preview of the week to come.  We talk everything - replacements for Gordon, the weakness of the bench, whether Tyreke is never going to hit a layup again, and whether Anthony Davis is a newborn godling placed in New Orleans to save us all.

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Michael and I unleash a swath of Anthony Davis appreciation before moving on to the much more flawed team.  We focus greatly on Tyreke Evans and his finishing struggles, wonder at Asik's place among Hornet/Pelican centers, enjoy the hell out of Ryan Anderson, and preview the Lakers and Minnesota.


Good times!

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Michael and I give our first game reviews of the season, blasting through what we've seen from the team.  We spend time on Asik, Evans, Rivers, Anderson, and, of course Gordon.  And we spend very little time on the unbelievably amazing Anthony Davis.  I mean, what is there left to say?  MVP?


Then we preview San Antonio and Cleveland's upcoming games!  Give it a listen!

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Michael and I hit on a series of items, starting with a recap of the last two pre-season games.  Then we hit on Austin Rivers' option being possibly declined by the team, Lottery Reform that didn't happen, Expected rotations, our two Confident Predictions and Biggest worries, and last, we get to preview ACTUAL NBA GAMES.  They're here!  Rejoice!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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We continue our Western Conference preview with the 9 teams in the Western Conference that will be battling for the playoffs.  Where do the Pelicans fall?  Well Michael and I have very different opinions on that.  The Western Conference is a slugfest.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I cover all the action from the last two pre-season games, I declare for Austin Rivers, Anthony Davis goes crazy (as usual) and Jrue Holiday plays fairly well.  We also talk about whether Ryan Anderson is in game shape or not.  Then we move on to the Western Conference, covering the teams we think will be the worst six in the West - a position most writers feel the Pelicans will stay in.  Will we?  The rest of the Western Conference is coming in a couple days, so give it a listen!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I talk about the gaping hole that is the Small Forward position. (As always with the Hornets/Pelicans) Then we move on to Rivers v Fredette and what that means for the rotation, whether we think Withey has a chance, and if Eric Gordon is awesome because of his appearance in NBA 2K15.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I talk the Eastern Conference and how we think those teams will shake out.  Battles ensue over the placement of teams like the Bulls, Pacers and Hawks.  Michael is wrong.  No battle ensues over the placement of the 76ers, who really need to be relegated to the D-League now.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I talk about the pre-season game in Kentucky and what it might mean to the starting Small Forward position.  We talk about concerns around the Tyreke Evans injury and if it might mean a slow start.  Then we talk Austin Rivers and if his option should be picked up - why Michael loves a potential second unit, and we predict efficiencies for various potential line-ups this season.

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Michael and I talk Anthony Davis and his showing at the FIBA World Cup!  We address what he's done so far, what he can take away from this experience, what we still want to see, and if I was right about him not breaking out.  Then Michael loves him some Eric Gordon.  Sigh.  And then I ambush him!


Good times!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Cowbell Kingdom's James Ham joins us to talk about the new former Kings the Pelicans have imported: John Salmons, Jimmer Fredette, Omri Casspi - and of course, we can't avoid talking Tyreke Evans too.  Then Michael and I talk about rotations, Darius Miller returning to the team, and who the most irreplaceable Pelican is this year.  Michael is wrong, as usual.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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The Asik trade is finally done after a string of moves by Dell Demps, so Michael and I deliver grades?  Who did the team have to let go?  Who did they keep the rights to?  Is there a small forward on the team?  Are the Pelicans looking for a "Starting Small Forward" or a "7th Man"?


Then we also talk the first two games of summer league!  Yeah, that's right, basketball is being played!  Young is fun, Russ is crazy, and Courtney Fells is Morrow 2.0?


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Free Agency is opening shortly, and Dell Demps has a lot to get done in a short time.  Michael and I talk about everything he has/can accomplish.  We touch on the chances Anderson, Gordon or Rivers may be gone in a few weeks.  We talk about Draft night, the acquisition of Russ and departure of PJ.  We talk sign and trades with Aminu or Smith, bird rights, cap space, Mid level exceptions, and the Luxury Tax.  We talk about other teams and what they might look like, and we make predictions about when we'll see the final trades going down this off-season.


It'll be an important off-season.  Big stuff on the horizon!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I break down the Asik trade - what he means to the team offensively, defensively, salary cap-wise, and how he immediately upgrades the team's boardwork.  On the flip side, we talk his high turnover rate, how he quit on his team last year, and if we should be concerned about the fact his contract is only a single year.




Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I spend some time talking about this draft - the players we like at different places, including Kyle Anderson, Mitch McGary, Gary Harris, KJ Daniels, Doug McDermott, and more!

We also talk about how the team could acquire those picks - whether they should, and what other costs come into play.  We also predict if the Pelicans will do anything special on Draft Night!

Give it a listen!

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The Finals are about to start, but the Pelicans beaks are turned towards the off-season, so Michael and I start talking off-season!  We talk the Mid-Level Tournament, our wishlists for TYPES of players we'd most like to see join the squad, and who terrifies us the most from the list of players.  We also hit on what players we'd be willing to clean out our depth to try to acquire, and discuss what we think Dell might do.


Also - Ryan Anderson, whether Tyreke would fit into the finals, and Spurs or Heat?

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The NBA Draft Lottery is right around the corner!  With a 4% chance of keeping the pick, Michael and I take this last chance to dream about what would happen if the team did land a top-3 pick.  Would we prefer to trade it?  For whom?  Does it matter if it's the first, second or third pick?  We also talk Tyreke Evans surgery, Eric Gordon, and going back and watching the team when it had it's finishing five/core four. 


Enjoy the Podcast!

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The season is ovah!  Michael and I talk about how fun those last two games were, Austin Rivers ejection, whether Tyreke and Austin should be focusing on mid-range shooting in the off-season, and Brian Roberts winning the Free Throw crown!  Then, we talk about Dell Demps closing comments for the season, Melvin Ely replacing the Steamer, the Lottery, and if some important players were disappointing this season.

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Michael and I don't spend too much time talking about the games and all the missing players.  Instead we talk about line-ups the team fielded this season, (and how few minutes any of them got) how best to stretch Eric Gordon, what to do with Morrow, what makes Stiemsma great, and what could make us want Dell Demps gone.


Plus, we talk about the Hornets/Pelicans all annoying team!  Yay! 

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Michael and I talk about a pair of gutty wins, pretend the game in San Antonio never happened, and enjoy the hell out of CP3 losing.  As usual, we can't avoid talking Eric Gordon - despite him not playing a minute, and we also talk Ajinca's situational value, Darius Miller's big game, Michael loves on Morrow even more, and we give an unlikely person credit for the Clippers win.

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Michael and I talk about the Heat game, Anthony Davis being a foundational player, the Heat game, how the team almost won in Toronto without Davis, Chemistry, Aminu as a backup power forward, and whether Brian Roberts deserves the abuse he gets.

Plus, LVPs, Paying your Debts like a Lannister, and what happened to the Jazz?

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So - last week Michael and I talked about Davis becoming a monster.  We were too early in singing his praises.  The guy is crazy good.  So we talk Davis, we give Tyreke Evans his due, we try to figure out why Monty equates Stiemsma to Winning and Withey to development, and Michael again lays all his hopes and dreams on Anthony Morrow.  We also talk about Brian Roberts and if he's truly as vital a piece to the Pelicans as Demps seems to indicate.


Plus, Anthony Davis!

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Michael and I don't sing the praises about Anthony Davis enough.  Well, we do it for a while tonight.  The guy is amazing.  We also talk Tyreke, the total lack of any defense played against Los Angeles, poke our usual fun at Monty's rotations, and then are shocked at the rotations we like showing up against the Nuggets.


That, and Michael declares his love for a free agent Small Forward.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I bring on Gerry V to get his take on the state of the team.  We talk all the young guys with Gerry, Michael and he argue about Gordon, and then we talk how he feels about Monty and Dell.  Then, once Gerry leaves, Michael argues with him some more about Eric Gordon, before we get to talk about how Monty has decided to go with a youth movement.  Who are you most interested to see play?  Rivers?  Withey?  Miller?  Steamer?


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I address all the losing and the fact he's joined the Fire Monty club.  How hot should Monty Williams seat be?  We also spend some time on Carmelo in the Knicks game, and a bit of time on Tyreke Evans and if he's worth his contract, as well as rank the various Pelican guards.


Plus, I get to read the entire roster of Pierre Jackson's new Turkish squad!

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Trade Deadline discussion!  We talk trading Gordon, Aminu, Rivers, Anthony Davis!  Okay, not Anthony Davis.  I was just seeing if you were paying attention.


Give us a call and tell us your favorite trades! 504-322-3333.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I cringe about the Brooklyn game (Why do we always do podcasts after losses?) talk about all the good stuff we saw in the previous game, and then focus on Tyreke Evans' comments about not knowing his role with the team.  Michael also semi-apologizes to Brian Roberts, we both take turn grumbling about Gordon and Aminu, and we spend a large chunk of time on Anthony Morrow and Babbitt.  Shooters rule.

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Michael and I talk about the different things we've been seeing the past couple weeks as the Pelicans defense appears to be tightening.  We talk about Davis and his crazy run, Jason Smith and his season-ending injury, and discuss why Tyreke Evans has not been particularly effective.  As always, we also wonder at why Withey isn't getting more minutes, whether Rivers is developing, and what is the deal with Eric Gordon's huge dry spells.

Oh, and I slaughter several people's last names.  They deserve it.  Why use confusing letters?

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Michael and I talk about Jason Smith's Injury, whether he or Aminu will be back next season, and where the team needs the biggest upgrade.  We cover trends for the young guys on this team - the play by Rivers, Withey, and Darius Miller - and who we were most impressed with.  We also talk, of course, about Anthony Davis' exceptional play as he's had to carry more and more of the load.  Last, we talk Jrue Holiday, what my three wishes are for the rest of the season, and where Davis would already fit in for a "Top Hornets/Pelicans players of all time" draft.

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Ryan Anderson, Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans all walk into a bar.  Just kidding, those guys can't walk!  Michael and I talk about the injuries, the fact that this team is now reduced to a lesser version of last year's squad, whether it's time to tank, if it's all Monty's fault, and we address the foul at the end of the Dallas game.

Give us a call to sound off! 504-322-3333.

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Ryan Anderson goes down, and once again exposes the fact he is probably the most irreplaceable part on the roster when it comes to efficient offense.  It happens, of course, after Michael and I talk about how things were looking up for the team.  Dangit!  We also talk Ajinca stating, Eric Gordon's odd explosive/disappearing acts, Jrue Holiday's passivity when playing next to Gordon, and the return to a starting lineup with two black holes.  Sigh.

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Welcome to the New Year!  Michael and I talk about the positive and negatives things we saw during the games over the holidays, including the stinkers against the Clippers and Wolves, as well as positive signs like Evans aggressiveness, Aminu's string of solid games, Jrue Holiday's growing comfort in the system, and Anthony Davis ongoing awesomeness.

We also talk about not calling timeouts at the end of the game, whether the team is better or worse with Gordon, and why is Brian Roberts playing over Austin Rivers?

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