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Michael and I talk about Jason Smith's Injury, whether he or Aminu will be back next season, and where the team needs the biggest upgrade.  We cover trends for the young guys on this team - the play by Rivers, Withey, and Darius Miller - and who we were most impressed with.  We also talk, of course, about Anthony Davis' exceptional play as he's had to carry more and more of the load.  Last, we talk Jrue Holiday, what my three wishes are for the rest of the season, and where Davis would already fit in for a "Top Hornets/Pelicans players of all time" draft.

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Ryan Anderson, Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans all walk into a bar.  Just kidding, those guys can't walk!  Michael and I talk about the injuries, the fact that this team is now reduced to a lesser version of last year's squad, whether it's time to tank, if it's all Monty's fault, and we address the foul at the end of the Dallas game.

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Ryan Anderson goes down, and once again exposes the fact he is probably the most irreplaceable part on the roster when it comes to efficient offense.  It happens, of course, after Michael and I talk about how things were looking up for the team.  Dangit!  We also talk Ajinca stating, Eric Gordon's odd explosive/disappearing acts, Jrue Holiday's passivity when playing next to Gordon, and the return to a starting lineup with two black holes.  Sigh.

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Welcome to the New Year!  Michael and I talk about the positive and negatives things we saw during the games over the holidays, including the stinkers against the Clippers and Wolves, as well as positive signs like Evans aggressiveness, Aminu's string of solid games, Jrue Holiday's growing comfort in the system, and Anthony Davis ongoing awesomeness.

We also talk about not calling timeouts at the end of the game, whether the team is better or worse with Gordon, and why is Brian Roberts playing over Austin Rivers?

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