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Michael and I address all the losing and the fact he's joined the Fire Monty club.  How hot should Monty Williams seat be?  We also spend some time on Carmelo in the Knicks game, and a bit of time on Tyreke Evans and if he's worth his contract, as well as rank the various Pelican guards.


Plus, I get to read the entire roster of Pierre Jackson's new Turkish squad!

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Trade Deadline discussion!  We talk trading Gordon, Aminu, Rivers, Anthony Davis!  Okay, not Anthony Davis.  I was just seeing if you were paying attention.


Give us a call and tell us your favorite trades! 504-322-3333.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I cringe about the Brooklyn game (Why do we always do podcasts after losses?) talk about all the good stuff we saw in the previous game, and then focus on Tyreke Evans' comments about not knowing his role with the team.  Michael also semi-apologizes to Brian Roberts, we both take turn grumbling about Gordon and Aminu, and we spend a large chunk of time on Anthony Morrow and Babbitt.  Shooters rule.

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Michael and I talk about the different things we've been seeing the past couple weeks as the Pelicans defense appears to be tightening.  We talk about Davis and his crazy run, Jason Smith and his season-ending injury, and discuss why Tyreke Evans has not been particularly effective.  As always, we also wonder at why Withey isn't getting more minutes, whether Rivers is developing, and what is the deal with Eric Gordon's huge dry spells.

Oh, and I slaughter several people's last names.  They deserve it.  Why use confusing letters?

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