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Michael and I talk about a pair of gutty wins, pretend the game in San Antonio never happened, and enjoy the hell out of CP3 losing.  As usual, we can't avoid talking Eric Gordon - despite him not playing a minute, and we also talk Ajinca's situational value, Darius Miller's big game, Michael loves on Morrow even more, and we give an unlikely person credit for the Clippers win.

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Michael and I talk about the Heat game, Anthony Davis being a foundational player, the Heat game, how the team almost won in Toronto without Davis, Chemistry, Aminu as a backup power forward, and whether Brian Roberts deserves the abuse he gets.

Plus, LVPs, Paying your Debts like a Lannister, and what happened to the Jazz?

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So - last week Michael and I talked about Davis becoming a monster.  We were too early in singing his praises.  The guy is crazy good.  So we talk Davis, we give Tyreke Evans his due, we try to figure out why Monty equates Stiemsma to Winning and Withey to development, and Michael again lays all his hopes and dreams on Anthony Morrow.  We also talk about Brian Roberts and if he's truly as vital a piece to the Pelicans as Demps seems to indicate.


Plus, Anthony Davis!

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Michael and I don't sing the praises about Anthony Davis enough.  Well, we do it for a while tonight.  The guy is amazing.  We also talk Tyreke, the total lack of any defense played against Los Angeles, poke our usual fun at Monty's rotations, and then are shocked at the rotations we like showing up against the Nuggets.


That, and Michael declares his love for a free agent Small Forward.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I bring on Gerry V to get his take on the state of the team.  We talk all the young guys with Gerry, Michael and he argue about Gordon, and then we talk how he feels about Monty and Dell.  Then, once Gerry leaves, Michael argues with him some more about Eric Gordon, before we get to talk about how Monty has decided to go with a youth movement.  Who are you most interested to see play?  Rivers?  Withey?  Miller?  Steamer?


Enjoy the Podcast!

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