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Free Agency is opening shortly, and Dell Demps has a lot to get done in a short time.  Michael and I talk about everything he has/can accomplish.  We touch on the chances Anderson, Gordon or Rivers may be gone in a few weeks.  We talk about Draft night, the acquisition of Russ and departure of PJ.  We talk sign and trades with Aminu or Smith, bird rights, cap space, Mid level exceptions, and the Luxury Tax.  We talk about other teams and what they might look like, and we make predictions about when we'll see the final trades going down this off-season.


It'll be an important off-season.  Big stuff on the horizon!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I break down the Asik trade - what he means to the team offensively, defensively, salary cap-wise, and how he immediately upgrades the team's boardwork.  On the flip side, we talk his high turnover rate, how he quit on his team last year, and if we should be concerned about the fact his contract is only a single year.




Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I spend some time talking about this draft - the players we like at different places, including Kyle Anderson, Mitch McGary, Gary Harris, KJ Daniels, Doug McDermott, and more!

We also talk about how the team could acquire those picks - whether they should, and what other costs come into play.  We also predict if the Pelicans will do anything special on Draft Night!

Give it a listen!

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The Finals are about to start, but the Pelicans beaks are turned towards the off-season, so Michael and I start talking off-season!  We talk the Mid-Level Tournament, our wishlists for TYPES of players we'd most like to see join the squad, and who terrifies us the most from the list of players.  We also hit on what players we'd be willing to clean out our depth to try to acquire, and discuss what we think Dell might do.


Also - Ryan Anderson, whether Tyreke would fit into the finals, and Spurs or Heat?

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