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Michael and I hit on a series of items, starting with a recap of the last two pre-season games.  Then we hit on Austin Rivers' option being possibly declined by the team, Lottery Reform that didn't happen, Expected rotations, our two Confident Predictions and Biggest worries, and last, we get to preview ACTUAL NBA GAMES.  They're here!  Rejoice!


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We continue our Western Conference preview with the 9 teams in the Western Conference that will be battling for the playoffs.  Where do the Pelicans fall?  Well Michael and I have very different opinions on that.  The Western Conference is a slugfest.


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Michael and I cover all the action from the last two pre-season games, I declare for Austin Rivers, Anthony Davis goes crazy (as usual) and Jrue Holiday plays fairly well.  We also talk about whether Ryan Anderson is in game shape or not.  Then we move on to the Western Conference, covering the teams we think will be the worst six in the West - a position most writers feel the Pelicans will stay in.  Will we?  The rest of the Western Conference is coming in a couple days, so give it a listen!


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Michael and I talk about the gaping hole that is the Small Forward position. (As always with the Hornets/Pelicans) Then we move on to Rivers v Fredette and what that means for the rotation, whether we think Withey has a chance, and if Eric Gordon is awesome because of his appearance in NBA 2K15.


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Michael and I talk the Eastern Conference and how we think those teams will shake out.  Battles ensue over the placement of teams like the Bulls, Pacers and Hawks.  Michael is wrong.  No battle ensues over the placement of the 76ers, who really need to be relegated to the D-League now.


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Michael and I talk about the pre-season game in Kentucky and what it might mean to the starting Small Forward position.  We talk about concerns around the Tyreke Evans injury and if it might mean a slow start.  Then we talk Austin Rivers and if his option should be picked up - why Michael loves a potential second unit, and we predict efficiencies for various potential line-ups this season.

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