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Michael and I talk about . . . 43 points!  INJURIES?!?  OMG!!!!  What do we do!!!  Or - we break down no less than 6 games and give a brief preview of the week to come.  We talk everything - replacements for Gordon, the weakness of the bench, whether Tyreke is never going to hit a layup again, and whether Anthony Davis is a newborn godling placed in New Orleans to save us all.

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Michael and I unleash a swath of Anthony Davis appreciation before moving on to the much more flawed team.  We focus greatly on Tyreke Evans and his finishing struggles, wonder at Asik's place among Hornet/Pelican centers, enjoy the hell out of Ryan Anderson, and preview the Lakers and Minnesota.


Good times!

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Michael and I give our first game reviews of the season, blasting through what we've seen from the team.  We spend time on Asik, Evans, Rivers, Anderson, and, of course Gordon.  And we spend very little time on the unbelievably amazing Anthony Davis.  I mean, what is there left to say?  MVP?


Then we preview San Antonio and Cleveland's upcoming games!  Give it a listen!

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