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Michael and I recap a week in which the Pelicans have some crazy highs and lows - and actually get to play their preferred five for a few minutes. Yay. Then - we predict the rest of the year as Michael says goodbye to the pod after 238 episodes. Yeah. Don't have much else to say.

Enjoy the podcast.

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In a lot of respects the Boston loss (and its aftermath) crystalized just how bad this team has been over the course of the season for many fans. So Michael and I talk fallout - trades, what we want this team to do, what we think they will do, what is a decent outcome if trades do start happening.

We also talk about how some of these players fit or don't fit in Gentry's system. Then - upcoming games and Mike makes me define Rap terms. Yay!

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I rip of a smallish podcast for you - since my inability to record properly destroyed the longer one we put together. Bleh. Anyways - we talk Asik return, Norris Cole, "are our guards any good?" and how Michael is really down on the crew right now. We also predict the upcoming week and give a quick preview of Boston and Washington.

Oh, and some Rap stuff that will drive you 730!

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I continue to be flummoxed by some of the trends for this team - including just how bad they are on the road. We also play "what is more disappointing?", "Rap lyric vs Shakespeare", "Which Pelicans not named Davis could be the third best player on a good team?", "Who on the Rockets would you want at this point?", "I'm starting to feel bitter", and "Oh god why isn't this team better than it is?". All the rest happen in one form or another.

Only one of those games was really made up.

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Michael and I are agog over the two wins. When there are so few of them, they become just so, so precious. We talk Anthony Davis' sudden surge in energy, Ish Smith playing well, Anderson playing great, and the imminent return of Tyreke Evans. We also address Asik and Ajinca's minutes, Holiday's poor play and what we can expect coming up on the roadtrip.

And yes, Mike asks me rap questions.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I are clearly starting to lose our optimism. Well, I am. Michael still is holding out hope. Regardless, we try to keep it light, talking the good we are seeing, what Gordon's role will be when healthy players come back, and the Turkish Klay Thompson. We preview the upcoming week, make bad predictions again, and with the wins, comes the return of Mike asking me rap questions. Yay?

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I spend the first couple minutes of the podcast talking about bright spots! And if you know how long these things typically go . . .

We also talk Tanking, AD being damn good, the disaster that is our backcourt, and make predictions for the upcoming games.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I talk about the three L's and rate how bad/good they were - along with what good things we did see in those games.  That part wasn't very long.  Then, Michael profanes Larry Bird, we talk about injury news, wonder at Davis' demeanor and preview the upcoming week.

Enjoy the podcast!

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The Journey to the MVP begins this week for Anthony Davis against the Defending Champs.  How will it turn out?  Michael and I talk what we saw this pre-season, who we did and didn't like, talk about the REAL impact from all the injuries to the Win-Loss record, and play 2nd Best and Ryan Guesses Rap Lyrics.  I get them wrong.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I walk through the decent teams in the Western Conference - including where we feel the Pelicans are most likely to land.  We don't really talk about Tyreke, because I'm so tired of injuries.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Friggin hell, I'm sick of injuries.  Mike and I talk injuries, talk Nate Robinson, Bo McCaleb, and the rest of the roster hopefuls, and then pick the guys we want to see make the team.  Then we talk the bottom of the Western Conference - putting teams into the Garbage and "Meh" categories.  The Lakers are garbage.  Spoilers!  Damnit!

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I talk about the Bulls pre-season game - our favorite moments, our least favorite moments, marvel at Anthony Davis, and kill a few other guys.  We also talk about some more injuries.  Seriously.  MORE INJURIES.  Plus, A.d.i.d.a.s and C.R.E.A.M.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I continue our Eastern Conference Preview!  And yes, the Cavs are the top team.  That's right, I don't care about Spoilers!

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Michael and I spend the first part of the podcast talking about Asik and Ajinca's injuries and the impact, and then we get into previewing the Eastern Conference! We group the teams into tiers, and I quickly find I hate the Eastern Conference a lot more than Michael does.

Part 2 will follow this weekend.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Pelicans basketball is back! With a pre-season game in the books, the team roster essentially set, training camp well and truly rolling and the NBA ready to get started, we return as well!

We talk Cole, Perkins and Seth leaving, and then handicap the trainee camp invitees. Then we get to the important stuff - Jrue Holiday's minutes restrictions, whether the optimism for this team is warranted, who could be the team's second all-star, and whether it was worth it for Quincy to risk his knee to propel the Pelicans to the playoffs last year!

Oh, and I answer another wrap question. Badly. That is how you spell it, isn't it?

Enjoy the podcast!

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Summer league is done! Babbitt and Gee have been signed, Curry is a possibility, and most Non-Cole Summer moves seen over!  Wait.  That means no basketball stuff for 2 months?! It's time for that Summer Time Sadness . . .  Which is still better than Jimmer Time.  Amiright or amiright?

Well, before we go, how does the Western Conference stack up now?  Are the Pelicans a lock as a top 7 seed in the West?  Will they feast on the Spurs and Grizzlies?  Will I get any of the hip-hop questions Michael springs on me correct?

I'd say no. At least to the last question.


Enjoy the podcast!

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With most of the big moves already completed, Michael and I talk about what this off-season means to the team.  Will Asik, Ajinca and Cunningham live up to their deals?  Can we squee with joy over Anthony Davis resigning?  What is a squee?  What teams got better or worse in the conference?  Plus, we answer some listener questions.


Enjoy the Cast!

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Michael and I talk about the news about Jrue Holiday's leg injury and the 76ers being fined about it, the underwhelming results of the NBA Draft, and then we get into the big fun discussion: The Draft!  We talk pie-in-the-sky candidates, whether Asik should come back and at what deal, and who we think should be targeted for all those mid-level exception dollar bills.


Austin Rivers anyone?

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Michael and I get together and break down all the stuff that's happened since Gentry was hired!  Gordon picking up his option, staff joining Gentry's squad, Anderson making health vows, and, of course, the DRAFT coming up!  I love the draft.  Hope you do too!

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The Pels pick Alvin Gentry, and Michael and I pick Amin Elhassan to come on and talk about the Pelicans new Coach.  As an ESPN NBA analyst and a former member of the Suns front office when Alvin Gentry coached there, we thought his insight would be invaluable.  And he doesn't disappoint.


After Amin, we spend time talking about what this means to the rest of the players as well!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Expectations were shattered with the firing of Monty Williams this week.  Michael and I get together to talk about the timing of the firing, impacts it might have on AD and team acquisitions, and whether the way it was done indicates anything about Dell Demps' power in the organization.


Then we get into the good stuff.  Who replaces Monty?  We talk Thibs, Gentry, Hoiberg, Jeff Van Gundy, Coach Cal, and many, many more.  We make our picks, talk about who Dell might be looking at, and what we hope will happen.


Tim Floyd's name even comes up!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I talk Game 3 and Game 4.  Well, mostly Game 3 and who was to blame.  Was it Monty?  Then we talk about who should come back, who the Pelicans could and should target.  We talk Eric Gordon and his option, Davis and his extension, and Monty Williams and whether he should return.  We also wonder what would happen if the NBA got into cloning dudes.  Sorta.


Thank you for listening, everyone.  Hope you have an excellent off-season.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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We talk over game 2, addressing some bad play by Anderson and Ajinca, Jrue's injury, and Anthony Davis playing 45 minutes and if that was a mistake.  All that, plus Tyreke Evans playing hurt, Gordon being an amazing shooter, Cole being weird, and our predictions for game 3.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I talk about what we saw in Game 1 - including what we would like to see exploited, what we would like to see less of, and who our game-time heroes were.  We then make predictions for game 2!

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We talk Spurs, then we talk Warriors.


The fire-eyed maid of smoky war

All hot and bleeding will we offer them.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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One game.  San Antonio.  New Orleans.  At home. For. All. The. Marbles.  Unless the Pelicans win, in which case there are more marbles, and Golden State will come and try to take them from us.  Jerks.


We talk San Antonio, a little bit about the team and this really fun playoff race.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I recap the 2-1 week, dwell on Non-MVP Anthony Davis, enjoy Asik's game against DeMarcus Cousins, and then, somehow, both have different reasons why the Pelicans lost the Portland game - from Anderson being used incorrectly to Eric Gordon not being the answer to Quincy not getting enough burn.  Then we answer a bunch of your twitter questions, Michael tears up an ambush, and we predict the upcoming 5(!) games before the next podcast.  By the time you hear us again, folks, things will probably be decided.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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We review the last three games, including the heart-breaker in Houston that could have been.  We think about Cousins as a Pelican (briefly) and then try to figure out what record the Pelicans need to make the playoffs.  Then we make bold predictions for the upcoming week!


Oh, and someone should find Westbrook and sweep the leg.  Not really.  Well Maybe.  No, don't . . . 

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I wish we could talk about Unicorns and Rainbows.  Because, I am sooooo tired of talking about injuries.  So guess what happened!  The team had more injuries!  Frustrating!  Besides just the general rants about that, Michael and I also talk about what the team <em>has</em> accomplished this season, what they should be proud of, and whether the door is now shut, in our books, on playoffs.


The answer may surprise you!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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It may be stupid, but Michael and I can't help talking about the fight for the playoffs.  We talk the games against Denver and Brooklyn, but also talk streaking Utah, the Serge Ibaka injury, the three guards the Pels have, and even talk a little about potential playoff matchups.  Getting ahead of ourselves?  Yes!  So what!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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A 3-1 week and another injury to boot!  That's Pelicans Basketball!  Like Davis, Michael and I shake off Tyreke's injury and tear into all we saw these last few games.  And then, once again, we get sucked into talking what it would take for this team to make the Playoffs.  We try to come up with new things to say about Davis, consider whether this team is vulnerable to inside or outside opponent play, and wish bad things on the Basketball Gods.

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Michael and I talk about this run of good play without the big stars and what it means.  Do the Pelicans now have an 11-man deep bench?  Should we expect the team to explode as they feed stars back into it?  Where does Ajinca, Babbitt, Anderson and Cunningham all fit next to Asik and Davis in the frontcourt?  And how does Evans, Gordon, Holiday, Pondexter and Cole all get time?


Good problems to have?

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Michael and I have a lot to cover since the last podcast.  An injury to Jrue Holiday, Norris Cole, an injury to Anthony Davis, a 2-1 set of games, an injury to Ryan Anderson, Tyreke Evans being up and down, a death blow to playoff hopes, a team with a real, possible, 9-man rotation, and injuries that prevent that.


Freakin' injuries.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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After a few crushing losses, everyone must go!  Michael and I talk trades!  Not that any of them will happen, but it's fun talking about them!  Hope you enjoy the new opening!  And all the exclamation marks in this summary!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I stand, once again, aghast and how often injuries derail this team.  Seriously.  It's hard to build momentum with injury issues like these.  We talk the excellent win in OKC, I try to talk Michael off a cliff, we talk Toney Douglas and probably Jimmer's exile, and we guess at the final game before the All-Star break.


Come drown your sorrows with us!


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After good wins over the Clippers and Hawks, it's easy to squint your eyes, ignore the Denver loss and think playoffs once more.  So guess what?  Michael and I talk playoffs, Ryan Anderson not hedging, one of those nights in almost hated Denver, how many wins it will take for Davis to win MVP, and if Korver is an All-star


Plus Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans' excellent play and what it means with Jrue!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I break down the 4-game win streak and what it means now that Jrue isn't playing.  We talk the uptick in Gordon's numbers, how Anthony is taking more shots now, and address the idea of Jrue going to the bench.  We also talk Nate Wolters, whether Gordon may play basketball as a Pelican for years to come, and if we think Dante and Quincy are the answer on the wing moving forward.


Enjoy the Podcast!

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Michael and I finally just talk Monty and what it would mean if the team did move on.  Who we would like to see, if this is a reflection on Monty or the team, should he team make more moves without knowing who will be at the helm?  We also talk Hakeem Ajinca-won, Quincy being mad, and grading our guards.

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Michael and I talk the coming Pondexter trade and Michael talks about how he thinks it sets up another trade after that.  Then I lay out some numbers about the Pelicans Offense, discussing just why the team is actually pretty good at that end.  I think the answer will surprise you.


Then we talk about the games, how annoying Andre Miller is, and preview the upcoming week of road games.

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McNamara Returns!  Eric Gordon Returns!  Over .500 basketball Returns! Christmas Gifts are being Returned!  So many returns!


Michael and I talk Eric Gordon's impending play, how bad Austin Rivers has been, whether Tyreke and Ryan Anderson can be major pieces on a championship team, and pick our MVND!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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