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We review the last three games, including the heart-breaker in Houston that could have been.  We think about Cousins as a Pelican (briefly) and then try to figure out what record the Pelicans need to make the playoffs.  Then we make bold predictions for the upcoming week!


Oh, and someone should find Westbrook and sweep the leg.  Not really.  Well Maybe.  No, don't . . . 

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I wish we could talk about Unicorns and Rainbows.  Because, I am sooooo tired of talking about injuries.  So guess what happened!  The team had more injuries!  Frustrating!  Besides just the general rants about that, Michael and I also talk about what the team <em>has</em> accomplished this season, what they should be proud of, and whether the door is now shut, in our books, on playoffs.


The answer may surprise you!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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It may be stupid, but Michael and I can't help talking about the fight for the playoffs.  We talk the games against Denver and Brooklyn, but also talk streaking Utah, the Serge Ibaka injury, the three guards the Pels have, and even talk a little about potential playoff matchups.  Getting ahead of ourselves?  Yes!  So what!


Enjoy the Podcast!

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A 3-1 week and another injury to boot!  That's Pelicans Basketball!  Like Davis, Michael and I shake off Tyreke's injury and tear into all we saw these last few games.  And then, once again, we get sucked into talking what it would take for this team to make the Playoffs.  We try to come up with new things to say about Davis, consider whether this team is vulnerable to inside or outside opponent play, and wish bad things on the Basketball Gods.

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Michael and I talk about this run of good play without the big stars and what it means.  Do the Pelicans now have an 11-man deep bench?  Should we expect the team to explode as they feed stars back into it?  Where does Ajinca, Babbitt, Anderson and Cunningham all fit next to Asik and Davis in the frontcourt?  And how does Evans, Gordon, Holiday, Pondexter and Cole all get time?


Good problems to have?

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