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Michael and I talk Game 3 and Game 4.  Well, mostly Game 3 and who was to blame.  Was it Monty?  Then we talk about who should come back, who the Pelicans could and should target.  We talk Eric Gordon and his option, Davis and his extension, and Monty Williams and whether he should return.  We also wonder what would happen if the NBA got into cloning dudes.  Sorta.


Thank you for listening, everyone.  Hope you have an excellent off-season.


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We talk over game 2, addressing some bad play by Anderson and Ajinca, Jrue's injury, and Anthony Davis playing 45 minutes and if that was a mistake.  All that, plus Tyreke Evans playing hurt, Gordon being an amazing shooter, Cole being weird, and our predictions for game 3.


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Michael and I talk about what we saw in Game 1 - including what we would like to see exploited, what we would like to see less of, and who our game-time heroes were.  We then make predictions for game 2!

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We talk Spurs, then we talk Warriors.


The fire-eyed maid of smoky war

All hot and bleeding will we offer them.


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One game.  San Antonio.  New Orleans.  At home. For. All. The. Marbles.  Unless the Pelicans win, in which case there are more marbles, and Golden State will come and try to take them from us.  Jerks.


We talk San Antonio, a little bit about the team and this really fun playoff race.


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Michael and I recap the 2-1 week, dwell on Non-MVP Anthony Davis, enjoy Asik's game against DeMarcus Cousins, and then, somehow, both have different reasons why the Pelicans lost the Portland game - from Anderson being used incorrectly to Eric Gordon not being the answer to Quincy not getting enough burn.  Then we answer a bunch of your twitter questions, Michael tears up an ambush, and we predict the upcoming 5(!) games before the next podcast.  By the time you hear us again, folks, things will probably be decided.


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