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The Journey to the MVP begins this week for Anthony Davis against the Defending Champs.  How will it turn out?  Michael and I talk what we saw this pre-season, who we did and didn't like, talk about the REAL impact from all the injuries to the Win-Loss record, and play 2nd Best and Ryan Guesses Rap Lyrics.  I get them wrong.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I walk through the decent teams in the Western Conference - including where we feel the Pelicans are most likely to land.  We don't really talk about Tyreke, because I'm so tired of injuries.

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Friggin hell, I'm sick of injuries.  Mike and I talk injuries, talk Nate Robinson, Bo McCaleb, and the rest of the roster hopefuls, and then pick the guys we want to see make the team.  Then we talk the bottom of the Western Conference - putting teams into the Garbage and "Meh" categories.  The Lakers are garbage.  Spoilers!  Damnit!

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Michael and I talk about the Bulls pre-season game - our favorite moments, our least favorite moments, marvel at Anthony Davis, and kill a few other guys.  We also talk about some more injuries.  Seriously.  MORE INJURIES.  Plus, A.d.i.d.a.s and C.R.E.A.M.

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Michael and I continue our Eastern Conference Preview!  And yes, the Cavs are the top team.  That's right, I don't care about Spoilers!

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Michael and I spend the first part of the podcast talking about Asik and Ajinca's injuries and the impact, and then we get into previewing the Eastern Conference! We group the teams into tiers, and I quickly find I hate the Eastern Conference a lot more than Michael does.

Part 2 will follow this weekend.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Pelicans basketball is back! With a pre-season game in the books, the team roster essentially set, training camp well and truly rolling and the NBA ready to get started, we return as well!

We talk Cole, Perkins and Seth leaving, and then handicap the trainee camp invitees. Then we get to the important stuff - Jrue Holiday's minutes restrictions, whether the optimism for this team is warranted, who could be the team's second all-star, and whether it was worth it for Quincy to risk his knee to propel the Pelicans to the playoffs last year!

Oh, and I answer another wrap question. Badly. That is how you spell it, isn't it?

Enjoy the podcast!

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