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Michael and I continue to be flummoxed by some of the trends for this team - including just how bad they are on the road. We also play "what is more disappointing?", "Rap lyric vs Shakespeare", "Which Pelicans not named Davis could be the third best player on a good team?", "Who on the Rockets would you want at this point?", "I'm starting to feel bitter", and "Oh god why isn't this team better than it is?". All the rest happen in one form or another.

Only one of those games was really made up.

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Michael and I are agog over the two wins. When there are so few of them, they become just so, so precious. We talk Anthony Davis' sudden surge in energy, Ish Smith playing well, Anderson playing great, and the imminent return of Tyreke Evans. We also address Asik and Ajinca's minutes, Holiday's poor play and what we can expect coming up on the roadtrip.

And yes, Mike asks me rap questions.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I are clearly starting to lose our optimism. Well, I am. Michael still is holding out hope. Regardless, we try to keep it light, talking the good we are seeing, what Gordon's role will be when healthy players come back, and the Turkish Klay Thompson. We preview the upcoming week, make bad predictions again, and with the wins, comes the return of Mike asking me rap questions. Yay?

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I spend the first couple minutes of the podcast talking about bright spots! And if you know how long these things typically go . . .

We also talk Tanking, AD being damn good, the disaster that is our backcourt, and make predictions for the upcoming games.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I talk about the three L's and rate how bad/good they were - along with what good things we did see in those games.  That part wasn't very long.  Then, Michael profanes Larry Bird, we talk about injury news, wonder at Davis' demeanor and preview the upcoming week.

Enjoy the podcast!

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