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Michael and I recap a week in which the Pelicans have some crazy highs and lows - and actually get to play their preferred five for a few minutes. Yay. Then - we predict the rest of the year as Michael says goodbye to the pod after 238 episodes. Yeah. Don't have much else to say.

Enjoy the podcast.

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In a lot of respects the Boston loss (and its aftermath) crystalized just how bad this team has been over the course of the season for many fans. So Michael and I talk fallout - trades, what we want this team to do, what we think they will do, what is a decent outcome if trades do start happening.

We also talk about how some of these players fit or don't fit in Gentry's system. Then - upcoming games and Mike makes me define Rap terms. Yay!

Enjoy the podcast!

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Michael and I rip of a smallish podcast for you - since my inability to record properly destroyed the longer one we put together. Bleh. Anyways - we talk Asik return, Norris Cole, "are our guards any good?" and how Michael is really down on the crew right now. We also predict the upcoming week and give a quick preview of Boston and Washington.

Oh, and some Rap stuff that will drive you 730!

Enjoy the podcast!

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