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Jason and I talk about Buddy's minutes, whether the team will get back to playing .500 ball, spend an inevitable amount of time being sad about Solomon Hill, and wonder at the Brown minutes.


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After a disappointing loss against Orlando, the Pelicans welcome Jrue back to the fold and immediately win a back to back! Really! They won some games!

So, Michael and I spend a lot of time talking about how bad our Small Forward position is. THEN we talk about the good stuff.

While harping on Dante Cunningham all pod. I just can't let it go.


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Michael and I get to do a pod after a win!!! So instead of being 100% gloomy, we get to be 75% gloomy! That's not entirely true, as we get to talk Jrue returning and what that means, what Tyreke could mean to the team, and what is the missing piece for the squad.


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Michael and I talk about the first three games of the season.  We try to find happy things to talk about other than Frazier and Davis . . . and fail.  We pretty much can't get away from the badness, whether it's Hill, Galloway, Ajinca, Hield, Asik, Jones, even Stephenson.

It's bad.  But I do try.


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Michael and I stand agog at what we saw from Anthony Davis in the season opener. We talk about what questions we had about him we saw laid to rest in this game, what questions we still have, and then try to pick a Non-AD MVP.  We also pick LVP, talk about Lance a lot, and talk a little bit about the team defense.

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Who is Michael most excited to see play after seeing this pre-season?  Is Anthony Davis soft or injury-prone? Is Tim Frazier the answer?  Can Asik not suck?  These are all questions we answer in this week's In the NO.

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As promised, Michael and I wrap up the In the NO season previews of all the other teams with the exciting Central Division. Home of the Cavaliers, the interesting Pistons, the sad Bulls, and some other teams. Really, there are other teams in that Division.


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McNamara joins me to talk about the first pre-season game and the Central Division. And then we spend this entire pod on just the pre-season game, rotations, buddy hield, the starting guards, and what Gentry's trying to tell Omer Asik.

We'll get to the Central division tomorrow.


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Michael and I feast on the nuggets of information that have trickled out of Media day recently. We choke on the injury news, devour the Lance Stephenson chances, and then turn to the Pacific Division to recap their moves. Can't think of any teams that matter in this division.


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Michael and I continue to break down the Southeast Division, including the sad Wizards, and the Sadder Miami Heat.


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McNamara returns to give a little update on his thoughts without a podcast. We talk some of the moves, Lance Stephenson, and then start the Southeast division.

Then I split the pod in two.

Party 2, with the rest of the southeast comes out tomorrow.


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Graham and I talk about Jrue Holiday, the partially guaranteed Lance Stephenson, who we would like to see make it through camp, and then we tear into the Northwest Division - or, like I like to call it, My division of hate. A surprising number of my most disliked teams reside in this division. Graham doesn't like many of them either. We hope you don't as well.


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Graham and I talk about the Atlantic Division, the teams we like and don't like, mock some players and crews, and make predictions.  We also play "who is the highest paid player on this team."  I think some of the answers will surprise you.

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Nick and I get together to talk about the recently released schedule, the Olympic games and what little we can draw from it, and then we sink into the meat of the podcast: We talk about the teams in the Southwest Division, the changes they made, and predict record for each one. Well, except for the Pels.

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Graham McQueen and Jake Madison go over some of the storylines surrounding the New Orleans Pelicans' offseason.

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Nick and Graham join me in a wrap up of everything that has happened so far in Free Agency.  We talk Tyreke Evans, Hill, Moore, Frazier and Galloway.  We say goodbye to Ryan Anderson, Luke Babbitt and Eric Gordon - and make predictions on wins, improvement defensively and losses offensively.  And we talk summer league too!  Yay!

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Guest Hosts Nick Lewellen and Graham McQueen talk summer league prospects before diving into the Pels wants, needs, and possibilities in Free Agency

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With Ryan Schwan out of the country for a few weeks, Graham McQueen and I decided to take over the podcast and discuss our the newest Pelican: Buddy Hield! We also get into how Buddy will effect the team's efforts in free agency, what drafting Buddy means for players like Gordon and Tyreke, and we even vent a bit on the Buddy and Brow catchphrases going around.

Oh, and we also discuss the Pelicans' team attractiveness relative to the rest of the NBA for entirely too long. 


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Graham McQueen and Nick Lewellen join me to talk about Danny Ferry, Special Advisor, and want it means for Dell Demps and the team's future moves. Then we move on to the draft, talk our preferred picks at 6, talk about things that would disappoint us, and if we like the idea of getting a second first rounder. We also talk about the second round prospects.


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Shamit Dua and I get together and run through an evaluation of the prospects the Pels could be eyeing with the 6th pick of the draft. Well, except for Dragan Bender - whom we don't know jack about. Then we talk about trading the pick, getting a big man early, if we like Murry, Hield or Dunn, if we pick in the midrange - and some guys we are looking at in the second round.


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Nick and I get together and run through what COULD happen if the Pelicans move up in the draft as part of the lottery.  Because, you know, it could happen, right?  We talk the top prospects, who the Pelicans could trade the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd picks for - and if we would make those trades.

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Jake Madison and I get together and talk about the front office situation.  Will Dell Demps go?  Should he go?  Who do we want in that role?  Hinkie? Morey? A full control guy like Jeff Van Gundy?  If the team went after a number 2 on some other team - which team should they look at?

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McNamara stops by to put his bow on the Pelicans season. We talk about the front office, the draft, whether anything good came out of this season, rap lyrics, Tim Frazier, and a bunch of other things that just crop up.

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Graham McQueen joins me to talk about the last two weeks of bad basketball, injuries that we are nearly numb to at this point, and whether we are full on Tank lovers now. We talk Jrue Holiday playing off the bench still, pick the most appalling Pelican Stat line, and try to figure out if Dell will try to win or not.

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Mason Ginsberg joins me by phone to talk about yet another bizarre week to Pelicans basketball, complete with wins against OKC, a loss to the Timberwolves, and a craptastic mess in Houston. Also, we talk about injuries again, with Bryce DeJean-Jones going down immediately after being signed.

Sigh. Oh, and the baby face in the artwork has nothing to do with the Pod. I just needed something that makes me smile. It's sooooooo CUUUTEE.

Then we talk the rest of the week.

Enjoy the podcast!

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I'm joined by Nick Lewellen to talk about Anthony Davis' 59 point monster and my frustration that it wasn't more. We also talk about the Trade Deadline - the deals that were and weren't made, Jrue Holiday's strong play, Anthony Davis and the All NBA team, the standings, and whether stockpiling tons of draft picks isn't going to burn someone in the end.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Jake and I rip off a long podcast for you. First we talk the Tyreke Evans news, Ryan Anderson testing free agency, and a fake ESPN trade. We also address BDJ not re-signing right away, and Anthony Davis at the All-Star weekend.

Then we get to what you all wanted - the Trade Market in the Western Conference - which is a lot more static than the East, that's for sure.

Hopefully you'll hear something that tickles your fancy!

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Jake and I rattle through the eastern conference teams - assess which teams are buyers or sellers, and talk about players and trades we could see happening or would like to happen.

Hopefully you'll hear something that tickles your fancy!

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Jake Madison joins me as we give a brief recap of all the games that have happened since the last pod - including the four game losing streak - and then I lay into Gentry. Jake tries to point out I may be being unreasonable. What do you think?

Then we set things up for the first part of a Trade Podcast.

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Graham McQueen joins me this week to talk another winning week for the Pelicans! That's two winning weeks now! Despite our usual trashing of members of the Pelicans team, we do pick out one shining moment from each of the five games we cover. One of those shining moments may or may not have been Eric Gordon getting injured. I think I may be taking the anti-Eric stuff too far.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Nick Lewellen joins me as we recap the week - a winning week(!) - and show ourselves to be terribly conflicted by talking down most of the team while doing so somehow. Sheesh. Then we play "20-20 Hindsight", "Which team is worse", and "Stop me when you hear a player you wouldn't trade Eric Gordon to get".

We also talk some trade rumors, make up a couple bullshit trade ideas, and talk about where the team should go from here.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Shamit Dua joins me in a wrathcast as we tear apart what happened in that Lakers game. We talk how bad the team has been defensively, the inexplicable line-ups, and fail utterly in coming up with reasons why Gentry would play those particular line-ups.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Chris Trew of <a href="">Trew to the Game</a> (and our own BSS) joins me to talk about an 0-3 week that pushes this team further and further from respectability. We then talk about whom Chris likes to heckle the most, who talks trash the most, and come to realize Chris is a big softie. We also talk about what we think should happen with this team - full on tank? Is there a point of no return for Chris - and what is going to happen this coming week.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Signs are pointing towards the team getting back to being a middle of the pack sort of squad. Jason Calmes and I talk about whether that is real or fake - if we think the team will continue to improve, and totally avoid talking tank. Sorry tankers!

We address Tyreke's less than stellar play, a return to "okay" for Asik, and other things.

Enjoy the podcast!

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