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Graham McQueen joins me this week to talk another winning week for the Pelicans! That's two winning weeks now! Despite our usual trashing of members of the Pelicans team, we do pick out one shining moment from each of the five games we cover. One of those shining moments may or may not have been Eric Gordon getting injured. I think I may be taking the anti-Eric stuff too far.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Nick Lewellen joins me as we recap the week - a winning week(!) - and show ourselves to be terribly conflicted by talking down most of the team while doing so somehow. Sheesh. Then we play "20-20 Hindsight", "Which team is worse", and "Stop me when you hear a player you wouldn't trade Eric Gordon to get".

We also talk some trade rumors, make up a couple bullshit trade ideas, and talk about where the team should go from here.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Shamit Dua joins me in a wrathcast as we tear apart what happened in that Lakers game. We talk how bad the team has been defensively, the inexplicable line-ups, and fail utterly in coming up with reasons why Gentry would play those particular line-ups.

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Chris Trew of <a href="">Trew to the Game</a> (and our own BSS) joins me to talk about an 0-3 week that pushes this team further and further from respectability. We then talk about whom Chris likes to heckle the most, who talks trash the most, and come to realize Chris is a big softie. We also talk about what we think should happen with this team - full on tank? Is there a point of no return for Chris - and what is going to happen this coming week.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Signs are pointing towards the team getting back to being a middle of the pack sort of squad. Jason Calmes and I talk about whether that is real or fake - if we think the team will continue to improve, and totally avoid talking tank. Sorry tankers!

We address Tyreke's less than stellar play, a return to "okay" for Asik, and other things.

Enjoy the podcast!

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