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I'm joined by Nick Lewellen to talk about Anthony Davis' 59 point monster and my frustration that it wasn't more. We also talk about the Trade Deadline - the deals that were and weren't made, Jrue Holiday's strong play, Anthony Davis and the All NBA team, the standings, and whether stockpiling tons of draft picks isn't going to burn someone in the end.

Enjoy the podcast!

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Jake and I rip off a long podcast for you. First we talk the Tyreke Evans news, Ryan Anderson testing free agency, and a fake ESPN trade. We also address BDJ not re-signing right away, and Anthony Davis at the All-Star weekend.

Then we get to what you all wanted - the Trade Market in the Western Conference - which is a lot more static than the East, that's for sure.

Hopefully you'll hear something that tickles your fancy!

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Jake and I rattle through the eastern conference teams - assess which teams are buyers or sellers, and talk about players and trades we could see happening or would like to happen.

Hopefully you'll hear something that tickles your fancy!

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Jake Madison joins me as we give a brief recap of all the games that have happened since the last pod - including the four game losing streak - and then I lay into Gentry. Jake tries to point out I may be being unreasonable. What do you think?

Then we set things up for the first part of a Trade Podcast.

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