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Michael and I feast on the nuggets of information that have trickled out of Media day recently. We choke on the injury news, devour the Lance Stephenson chances, and then turn to the Pacific Division to recap their moves. Can't think of any teams that matter in this division.


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Michael and I continue to break down the Southeast Division, including the sad Wizards, and the Sadder Miami Heat.


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McNamara returns to give a little update on his thoughts without a podcast. We talk some of the moves, Lance Stephenson, and then start the Southeast division.

Then I split the pod in two.

Party 2, with the rest of the southeast comes out tomorrow.


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Graham and I talk about Jrue Holiday, the partially guaranteed Lance Stephenson, who we would like to see make it through camp, and then we tear into the Northwest Division - or, like I like to call it, My division of hate. A surprising number of my most disliked teams reside in this division. Graham doesn't like many of them either. We hope you don't as well.


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Graham and I talk about the Atlantic Division, the teams we like and don't like, mock some players and crews, and make predictions.  We also play "who is the highest paid player on this team."  I think some of the answers will surprise you.

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