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Michael and I talk about the first three games of the season.  We try to find happy things to talk about other than Frazier and Davis . . . and fail.  We pretty much can't get away from the badness, whether it's Hill, Galloway, Ajinca, Hield, Asik, Jones, even Stephenson.

It's bad.  But I do try.


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Michael and I stand agog at what we saw from Anthony Davis in the season opener. We talk about what questions we had about him we saw laid to rest in this game, what questions we still have, and then try to pick a Non-AD MVP.  We also pick LVP, talk about Lance a lot, and talk a little bit about the team defense.

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Who is Michael most excited to see play after seeing this pre-season?  Is Anthony Davis soft or injury-prone? Is Tim Frazier the answer?  Can Asik not suck?  These are all questions we answer in this week's In the NO.

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As promised, Michael and I wrap up the In the NO season previews of all the other teams with the exciting Central Division. Home of the Cavaliers, the interesting Pistons, the sad Bulls, and some other teams. Really, there are other teams in that Division.


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McNamara joins me to talk about the first pre-season game and the Central Division. And then we spend this entire pod on just the pre-season game, rotations, buddy hield, the starting guards, and what Gentry's trying to tell Omer Asik.

We'll get to the Central division tomorrow.


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