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Mike and I address the Pelicans' frustrating losses and how it seems this team beats itself more than the other team does. I wonder at why New Orleans fans are so upset about a 15-15 team when the expectation going into the season was a .500 team, and then we talk Boogie and his issues a little. We celebrate the crazy shooting, talk about the defense possibly getting better, and wonder at the morphing offense in the fourth quarter compared to the rest of the game.


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It was a gut punch week for the New Orleans Pelicans, but the win against Portland was pretty sweet nonetheless. Michael and I speculate about Davis' injury, what the team should do on the trade market or not depending on him being out, and guess at a timeline. Then we also talk Rondo's contributions, Omer Asik's return, and what the Pelicans should have done with Donovan Mitchell.

Then we talk about an upcoming slate of winnable basketball games.

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In the NO returns and the New Orleans Pelicans are above .500 and just completed a 3-1 week! Michael and I talk about a few of the games, including the Raptors, Warriors, and Spurs, addressing issues we see like the interior defense, how Rondo has played, and who our favorite Pelican to watch is.

We also show Miller some love, swear off beefy Jared Dudley, and address the idea of trading Boogie.


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Michael and I touch on a bunch of subjects, including trading for a big man, turnovers, improving offensive play, Rondo being back, and an upcoming slate of tough games.

Will the Pelicans continue to play winning basketball?


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Michael and I spend some time talking about how awful the players have been on this team beyond the twin towers and how it's forcing the Pelicans to play them a lot of minutes. We also talk about how bad New Orleans is even with just one player is on, I rant about the Prevent Offense, and Michael addresses his thoughts about the dead Reggie Jackson trade rumor.

Then we preview the next 3 games.


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A winning week brings the New Orleans Pelicans to .500 for the first time in . . . ever I think. Pretty sure it's never happened before. In basketball.

We talk Sacramento and that awful first half, whether Cleveland was giving a damn, and what could have been if Davis didn't get hurt in that Portland game. Then we preview the four game upcoming week and make a bold prediction. Bold I tell you!


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Mike and I spend a lot of time talking about New Orleans first three basketball games before getting to the Eric Bledsoe trade talk. We also talk Crawford, Nelson, Ian Clark, and Michael MUDERIZES Jrue. Blood everywhere. Pelicans fans Beware.

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I pay up on the bet, delivering the finest New Orleans Pelicans rap you've ever heard. The finest. If you want the file by itself, let me know on twitter. 

After I blow your mind with that, we then talk basketball pre-season and reasons to be optimistic or terrified for the upcoming season. We seem split 50/50 for both.

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Hey look, the Pelicans are down 2 starters to begin the season. One day, New Orleans will just have to get used to this, I guess.

We talk a lot about the pre-season. Who will finish games, are Boogie and Davis better staggered or not. What does Rondo being gone mean for the PG position. We cover a lot!

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After dispatching the Hot Garbage teams in the West in part one of the pod, Mike and I start with the teams fighting for the playoffs and go through the pile. Pels are in this pile!


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Mike and I talk about Q-pon's revelations, Dante re-signing and make some guesses about line-ups.  Then we talk about the Western Conference teams that are Hot Garbage!


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We're back and dropping a long pod for you! Mike and I talk the final roster moves of the summer, going back from Rondo, through Ian Clark and Tony Allen, and then start the real meat of the episode: The Eastern Conference!

We talk all the teams, including those known colloquially as Hot Garbage!

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Mike and I get together to do a deep dive into the impacts of the Jrue Holiday signing - and then we start talking about everything else that could happen. Trades, signing, dropping below the cap, and Mid-level guys. We also talk about how good we think this team could be right now.


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Michael and I break down the options this off-season, ranging from Lowry to the Holidays to Rubio and Beverly.  We dig into mid-level guys, minimum dudes, answer questions from twitter, seriously consider Rudy Gay, and bemoan Tim Frazier leaving.  Okay, maybe not the last one so much.

It's a big one though!  LOTS of stuff!


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Mike and I kick off our podcast as the second round starts, and the Pelicans swift strike there throw us off a bit.  But we recover, talk lots of Frank Jackson, why the Pels targeted him, why they moved Tim Frazier, and hang on hoping for a second guy to fall to the team that we wanted.  Guess what, it didn't happen.

Oh, and we do talk a little of Phil Jackson and the Butler trade.



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Two full hours of Pelicans, my friends.  We talk the myriad of options this off-season, including Jrue leaving or staying, which is better, Kyle Lowry, Chris Paul, moving Asik for something, Allen Crabbe, Loul Deng, and if Jrue is actually a needle mover in the first place.  We also break down the guys we like the best in the upcoming NBA Draft, talk some guys we wouldn't like, and then talk about possible trades.  We also argue about what Jrue should make in the off-season and place part of a bet.  We'll need your help placing the second half.

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Four percent chance. It's amazing how much of an impact a 4% lottery ticket could have on this team. Michael and I spend most of the pod talking about the options the team has if they land one of the top picks in the draft. We talk Fultz, Ball, Butler, George, Lillard, and several other teams you probably weren't even thinking much about.

Four percent chance. Tuesday could be boring, or magnificent.

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The Pelicans have been eliminated from the playoffs, but there's still a lot to talk about! Michael and I cover the games that have happened since the last pod and bring up whether we should be optimistic or not due to the results. We talk about Boogie as a defensive force (or not) and look at a few stats and decide if they are real or not.

We build a good team that both of us would hate to watch, talk about what the team really needs this summer, and touch on a little if Jrue is part of the answer.

Then we talk about what we would like to see these last four games and what the odds are of keeping the pick. See? Lots!


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No way not to spend lots of this pod without talking about King Solomon, Michael Jordan Crawford, and, oh yeah, E'twaun Moore. We talk about their production, how the team plays when Boogie steps off the court, and then spend a lot of time talking Boogie in general and if he's good or bad for the team. We then talk about whether the playoffs are realistic, what the road to get there would entail, and bemoan the next few games.

And we even mention Omer Asik! Remember that guy?

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Michael and I talk about the Hornets game and things we liked and didn't like. We spend some more time talking about Gentry - and then even more time on what coaches do, due to the excellent <a href="">Pelicast</a>. Then we talk about Boogie Extensions and off-season plans.

Last, we talk about the upcoming games and the Casspi news.


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Though we're still trying to wash the bad taste out of our mouths from that Utah game, Mike and I take a step back and review the last 4 games. We see good, bad, progress, and some major struggles getting penetration. We bag Jrue, defend Jrue, say bad things about Boogie, argue about the team having AD and Boogie hanging out on the perimeter, and talk about what we feel is the most pressing need for next season.

Lots to talk about!

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Michael and I get together after the team went 0-3 and are surprising upbeat.  At least I feel like it's surprising.  We do want to know what the hell is going on with Jrue, the other perimeter players, and Cousins less-than-perfect conditioning though.  Then we talk some off-season stuff, how AD's looked, and if the team is still headed to the playoffs.

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Well, that high didn't last for long, did it? Michael and I talk about the Rockets game. A bunch. Then we talk about Jrue needing to be aggressive, the team fitting together, and more importantly, fitting with Alvin Gentry. We also get sidetracked into what flexibility the team has over the summer to clear cap space - or not.

And sheesh. That game. Ugh.

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Holy crap. We're recording a pod, talking about that terrible Lay-up line - er - All-Star Game, and suddenly a blockbuster trade falls on us. Boogie and Casspi for Hield, Evans, Galloway, a 1st, and a 2nd.

Holy crap. We talk about it. And what else the team may do.

Holy crap.

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Michael and I talk about these little letdowns that keep spiraling into Pelicans defeats - and while Michael walks away more positive than expected, I end up a bit more negative. A bit of a change of pace for us, I think! We talk about the importance of the next 6 games to the trade deadline, and if we think Dell and crew are even moving on anything at all.

We also talk about Tyreke's inability to finish with any finesse at all. Ridiculous.

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That's pretty much what Michael and I talk about all pod long.  What teams are buyers and sellers, which ones make sense to trade Jrue too, what sort of packages you can get back, etc etc.  We do touch on a few other guys, but it's mostly the Jrue Show.

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Michael and I talk about Jrue, Moore, and the push for the 8th seed in the West.  Do we want the Pels to go for it?  Trade Jrue?  Set Moore free?

We also talk about what the Pelicans can get out of this season, how important this stretch of games is, and if Anthony Davis elevates his team.

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Motiejunas! Buddy Hield's improved play! Rogue one! 4 wins! 1 game out of the 8th seed! Jrue Holiday's next contract!

Michael and I have a lot to talk about after our hiatus, and we give it all the love and care it deserves.


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