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A winning week brings the New Orleans Pelicans to .500 for the first time in . . . ever I think. Pretty sure it's never happened before. In basketball.

We talk Sacramento and that awful first half, whether Cleveland was giving a damn, and what could have been if Davis didn't get hurt in that Portland game. Then we preview the four game upcoming week and make a bold prediction. Bold I tell you!


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Mike and I spend a lot of time talking about New Orleans first three basketball games before getting to the Eric Bledsoe trade talk. We also talk Crawford, Nelson, Ian Clark, and Michael MUDERIZES Jrue. Blood everywhere. Pelicans fans Beware.

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I pay up on the bet, delivering the finest New Orleans Pelicans rap you've ever heard. The finest. If you want the file by itself, let me know on twitter. 

After I blow your mind with that, we then talk basketball pre-season and reasons to be optimistic or terrified for the upcoming season. We seem split 50/50 for both.

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Hey look, the Pelicans are down 2 starters to begin the season. One day, New Orleans will just have to get used to this, I guess.

We talk a lot about the pre-season. Who will finish games, are Boogie and Davis better staggered or not. What does Rondo being gone mean for the PG position. We cover a lot!

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